Friday, September 27, 2013

HP Blog Hop - Your Dream Horse Show

This is a tricky one.  My first dream show was (and I suppose always will be) Rolex.  That being said it is firmly staying in the land of dreams.  I don't have the balls to run cross country over 3', let alone at the four star level so I'm pretty sure the notion of training to that level will stay forever etched in my childhood brain.
Yeah. no.  Never happening.  Ever.
Not that much more realistic, is the distant dream of Devon.  I don't care if I'm in dressage tack or jump tack, I just love the energy of that show.  It has such a strong sense of Americana and something more akin to a fair than some of the other hallmark horse shows that is very appealing to me.  Not that I wouldn't accept a ticket to any of them :)
So many fun horsey things at Devon
Again, probably not ever going, but that Dixon Oval is alluring.

When I was in middle school and high school I watched some of my Hunter friends migrate south every year for Indio.  I couldn't believe that they were excused from Thursday and Friday classes to fly (fly!!) down to the desert and show horses all weekend for weeks on end.  I was jealous, and that much more irritated when my parents wouldn't let me take off a few hours early in order to arrive at Horse Trials before the sun went down (assembling tents in the dark continues to be one of my least favorite activities).
Whether you like horses or not, any Seattle-ite would be *thrilled* to be here in the middle of winter...
Indio has become Thermal, and while I never had it pinned on my wall, the notion of packing up and heading anywhere to show for more than a week is a big 'ol check on my bucket list.  I'm really hoping the pieces come together for us this year.  Over the past week I've let my mind (and heart) run a little wild with the possibility.  (grin). 

Of course I have not even begun to think about the actual cost and what needs to be done to support it... (details.  minor... minor... details..).


  1. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you and P2 make it to Thermal this year!

  2. If only all of us could go to shows like that...

  3. Money is very much a minor detail ;) I want you guys to go to Thermal so bad!

  4. You could totally go to Devon one day!


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