Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving Day!!

Man, oh man I could not be more excited to move Miss Pia today.  Our current barn has gone to shit  since I gave notice.  reduced turnout, dirty water buckets, gross stall, its absurd.  I mean I get it, you know longer have to keep me as a happy client... but STILL.  Take care of the horse..

Oh did I mention that the BO isn't prorating my last week, OR giving me my deposit back?? the clever/confusing part is that she said my deposit would "cover me through August 8th if need be" but when I asked for it to be cashed out since I would be gone TODAY, she said "oh, well I used it all on replacing her mat." OHHHH right the mat,  the mat that was uneven because you installed it wrong? and it was under warranty? Oh right. and my horse destroyed it since she was bored out of her mind without enough turnout??

Anyway, keep my $$, maybe you can use it to build some better paddocks, or maybe you can use it to pay for a groom who pays better attention to the horses in her care. OR MAYBE you could learn how to run a barn and stop adding wood chips to "deep paddocks."  Adding footing does not better drainage make.  I mean jesus.

Today:  Work on work. Actually accomplish something before 3pm. At 3pm, go doll up the mare-mare and pack up her clothing and toys.  5pm, get to paradise, let her gallop and run and lounge in her HUGE NEW STALL with a run.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, cannot wait!


  1. Good luck with the move!

  2. Hope the move went well!!! I hate barns like that and sadly there are a lot like that in our area. I should know we've been to 5 of them! :)


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