Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's all about small victories right now...

hosed off the mare's knees yesterday.. and, drumroll please............................

Look! that's not so gross!

So glad it's staying clean and getting less gooey... small victory!  plus it looks like there are little hairs (you can't see them in my iphone photo, but not EVERY hair is gone.. a few stragglers survived) which is encouraging for the amount of skin that must also be there holding the small hairs in place.

Good mare! way to heal!

In other news... I toured a new barn today (ooohhhhh aahhhhhhh) and have a few more to visit in the next couple of days that promise more turnout and real, live grass! I think Pia would want that.  details to come!

Oh, and the sun is OUT.  I'm headed to the lake.  seems like a good idea...

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