Friday, July 16, 2010


Ok, so thank god S could come down and help me with Miss P and the saddle "test" yesterday.  Like I said, all I wanted was to get on, sit on her back and feel how the Prestige Optimax balanced my seat.  Ideally I'd like to walk a few circles, but nothing more. 

Well, as predicted, as soon as I started slinging a pad over her back, P's eyeballs started bulging out of her head and the girl got a little excited.  I guess I would be too.  Aside from not having a job for the past couple months, P has been subjected to the second session of PONY CAMP out at the barn... So I could understand her excitement at actually getting out.

Long story short, The saddle was gorgeous, I enjoyed sitting on my pony's back, and Sabrina helped keep the monster tethered to the ground for our very exciting giant walk circle under saddle.

Seriously. tethered. to. the. ground.  I hadn't even asked for a walk after mounting before P started in with her bunny hops.... silly mare.

but look how happy she is!!

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