Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paradise Found..

I know, I know.. I shouldn't speak so soon, but honestly I couldn't feel better about the move.  Of course my camera decided to run itself out of batteries so I have zero fun Pics of Pia in her new palace, but I'll get some, I promise.

The move was super quick and super easy. Thankfully our old barn was deserted due to all the munchkins hitting a H/J show in the area for the weekend.  I let P run like a lunatic for a bit in the ring then we had a nice bath and threw all of our stuff in the trailer.  20 minutes later we unloaded and I am already feeling so good about things I don't know what to do with myself.  P has the first stall on the North side of the barn, which means the driveway points at her run so she gets to see everyone coming and going.  It's also a pretty big run, and she seems to love it.  Her neighbor is a cute pony named Poppet, and they are already snorting and squealing at each other over their fence.  (P's other "neighbor" is the feed room... so she's right where she wants to be..).

The South side of the barn has more of a "view" since it looks out over the hill, and the BO says that the horses feel more "liberated" when they can see farther, so she feels bad for sticking P on the other side.  Honestly I'm so happy she can sit in the sun all day long I don't know WHAT to do... BO does have a nice paddock/shelter right off the barn that if P wants more "open view" we could move her to.  It's $25 cheaper a month and lovely, so it's a thought, but given the giant upgrade already, I'm not worried about P getting enough outside time at this juncture.  :)

Anyway, once we unloaded, I threw P in her "non-view" room and was expecting similar muss and fuss as she has shown whenever I drop her at the vet/when she moved to our last barn.  This was not the case.  It's like she just took a big sigh and said "FINALLY, what the hell took you so damn long."  She was calm. started munching hay immediately, and sniffing around.  She was marching inside and outside a lot, but mostly because she kept just checking out the action in the arena.  Calm, happy, eating.  Can't ask for much more... :).  What a good mare.

But the rest stops there.  P is back in full training as of today.  BO is putting rides on her today, tomorrow and Saturday.  I'm out there for our saddle fitting tomorrow after her ride (YAY) and I'm planning on watching her Saturday ride.  Maybe I'll finally even get some video back up on here!

I will say that while free-lunging before the move, I was IMPRESSED how much more impulsion P is showing in her gaits.  I think the Vit-E is really making a difference and even barefoot, without boots on the hard sand, she's pushing and driving.  Let's hope that stays around and we start to see an engaged, happy horse under saddle.

Lots is exciting right now! I can't wait for the next few weeks!

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