Friday, January 28, 2011

Banner!!! (and boundaries cont'd)

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Denali's Mom for allowing P and I to be the beneficiaries of her chronic procrastination.  If only I had such a handy skill to reciprocate with!  I can offer delicious enchiladas and wine.. but that's all I got..

Anyway, hope you like it.  We needed an update and this is fun!

I really enjoyed all of the comments on the last post.  I fully recognize the potentially very real insurance concerns (which speaks to the ridiculous nature of insurance) but I do think that this is an interesting point of contention at a lot of barns and shows a disconnect between what owners want and what owners can get when selecting a barn.  There are several barns in the area where you can bring anyone in, but they aren't typically the sort of facility that I feel comfortable at.  I'm sure there's a sweet spot between dangerously dilapidated fencing and a rigid show barn, but finding something in my price range within an hour of the rest of my life is a little more difficult.

Beyond my situation, I am baffled, and frustrated by the liability issues around horses.  I get it to a certain point and in our litigious society I totally understand the basis, but I mean REALLY.  Come on.  I know for a fact that Seattle code protects property owners and instructors to the max.  Yes there are exceptions and yes every once in a while a fancy pants lawyer is able to bust through and wreak havoc.  As someone who grew up with horses on my own property, I am (or was) used to being able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  Jump by myself? sure! trails? ok! flatwork? the ring was mine... I had no restrictions (though maybe some wouldn't have hurt...).  Sure people signed waivers when they brought their horses in.. but that was about it.

Between insurance, waivers, and posted signage.. I am a little shocked at the legal exposure that seems to still terrify a lot of owners., but I understand the paranoia. 

I guess I don't really know.  I respect the insurance stuff, and I can even get behind barns that don't allow outside trainers.  A little strange? our barn does host clinics from time to time (this weekend being one example).  So there must be something else that is a loophole there.  Maybe the clinicians have their own coverage?

I don't like feeling as though helping each other out or commenting on someone's ride is "taboo" I hope my current sense of dread continues to dissipate, as I am horrifically prone to guilt and absolutely hate feeling like I am crossing a line with anybody. 

Today I'm back out to the barn.  I sent the BO an email regarding training for Feb and about hauling out on Sunday, so I guess I'll get to see if there is an emotional aspect of this from her side, or I really did just see a fairly extreme concern for liability.

Also, here's to hoping that the mare holds her behavior for another day.. she's been off since Monday!  Fingers crossed!


  1. Glad you like the banner! As for BO's and Trainers. I can not wait to have my own property where I can do whatever I want with Denali whenever I want to do it!

    Good luck with your BO!

  2. @Denali's Mom - Husband keeps telling me that I probably won't be truly happy with Dee's situation until we win the millions and I can build my own facility.

    That aside, I really do wonder where the line is between offering a fellow rider advice and "giving them instruction". With the exception of one individual at the barn where I'm at, I value the input of fellow riders! It's one of the great parts about riding together.

  3. I don't think you have any reason to feel guilty. You didn't intentionally cross a line. If you did indeed do something wrong you did it unknowing and she could have been nicer about the way that she told you. I still think her reaction was a bit bizarre, but don't let it eat you up (I'm an excessive worrier so I can understand). I hope it was nothing and that you guys can pick up where you left off and work happily together again. :)

    Oh and I love the banner!!

  4. Beautiful banner! I love it!

    The suing thing has gotten out of hand. I mean, in the news they were talking about a woman who fell into a fountain because she was texting rather than looking where she was going, and now she wants to sue the security people at the mall? Come on! And everything seems so close to the line - offering riding advice, helping with a dog, anything - that you never know who might sue for what. It's horrible!

  5. As a relatively new BO, I must say that even though I would rather trust that people are inherently good and fair, the fact is - people's good intentions and nature may fly out the window in the aftermath of a horse accident.

    It's my understanding that all the releases / insurance in the world can't stop someone from suing you, even if they haven't got a prayer of winning.

    Lawsuits are a major pain in the butt. A huge drain of time and energy even if you win. An ounce of prevention...

  6. The banner is lovely.

    And that sounds really unfair, especially if the BO is not able to help you in the way SuperMom can and you are not paying SM for training.

    The farm next door has an indoor and a new rule was recently instituted: no outside trainers. I am really disappointed as I have been using the indoor with my trainer for years. I can still ride with her at my barn (Thankfully, my BO loves her too!), but I must wait for the ground to thaw. This is especially frustrating because my trainer offers Connected Riding (like Centered Riding) which is not offered at the barn next door, so she is not directly competing with their instructors. Insurance is a factor, but there is definitely more than meets the eye at play here.

  7. At least you have your own rig. This is annoying, but you can do what needs doing.

    At my barn, I can bring in outside trainers all day long. HOWEVER, no outside riders are allowed ever PERIOD. Again, insurance reasons.

    Hope all goes well on your ride!


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