Monday, January 10, 2011

STP Results

P finally back to work (kinda)

Well, much like the week- the weekend hardly went as planned. 

Friday, work absolutely slayed me, which meant I got to the barn super late after everyone had been fed, so I just loved on the mare, groomed her up and then let her eat.  I felt slightly chicken for not working her on the ground, but I quickly got over it.  My shoulders still aren't totally normal, and since I was fairly certain that she would be a little bit of a puller on the lunge... I opted to not spin that particular roulette.

Saturday was supposed to be super productive (not at the barn, but still). But, instead I woke up with the absolute worst headache of my life and some serious vomiting (funner!).  I've never had a "migraine," but maybe this was that? I spent basically the entire day on the couch squeezing my temples with an icepack on my forehead.  The embarrassing part is that when I woke up I assumed that it was a (undeserving) hangover.  I feel like it's probably a red flag when you can reasonably assume that much discomfort might be self inflicted, but you aren't totally sure...

However, when the whole thing wasn't gone by 1pm, and I reviewed my Friday night consumption (one delicious dirty sapphire martini, and 2 gross light beers..) there was absolutely NO way that my (sometimes) indulgent self could be to blame.. I mean a) I have to be way worse behaved to get a good hangover and b) they always go away in the afternoon....

I resigned myself to being recumbent and the couch superseded any attempt to get to the bridal show, which was probably good, as I'm sure walking into something like that with a pre-existing headache is probably a bad starting point.. ;)

Sunday saw a total resurrection of my energy and head space (literally), so it was up and off to the show (I wasn't thrilled, but I fared better than I expected.. and Denali's Mom was right, there was LOTS of cake to keep me happy and moving).  Afterward I jetted to the barn for our little get together which is always so much fun.  I really can't compliment the women at my barn enough.  Such an interesting, diverse group that we are pretty much guaranteed entertaining conversations. 

I mean really, here's our roster:

  • a decorated surgeon who specializes ONLY on larynx operations
  • a PhD in pathology who specifically studies fossilized dental remains (she's like bones, its rad), oh and she flips houses
  • Financial planner turned Nurse
  • Exec for a national natural-foods grocery store(she brings GREAT snacks)
  • A girl who sells sprinklers and fire hydrants for her family biz (oh, and studied pigeons and chimps and visual cognition) oh wait, that's me.
  • ex microsoftie turned entrepreneur
  • retired middle school teacher (her "scolding voice" makes me stand up straighter)
  • retired nurse who served in a few armed forces..

I mean really, how cool is our barn!? regardless of what we talk about, someone always has an interesting tangent or story or life plan or something.  Plus, everyone's come to dressage from such different routes (Pony Club, eventing, fox hunting, western, standardbred racing, hunter/jumpers.. you name it)

I love them, they're so nice, and no one is even remotely adding pressure or giving unwanted advice about Miss Pia right now, which I am so grateful for.  I've been at a few barns where any lameness/illness/buck/bite/etc seems to be free license for anyone and everyone to rain down their judgements/advice and corrections.  I love perspectives and ideas, don't get me wrong, but when people are mean/rude/ignorant about it, it's obnoxious....

Anyway, post party I grabbed Miss P, determined to get at least ONE groundwork session in.  Since she had so much time "off" I assumed she'd be a bit crazy, so I tacked her totally up and planned to work in side reins to minimize the ridiculous antics, and hopefully encourage slightly better self carriage.

She was dancing on her toes while I affixed her side reins and lunge line and got all situated with my gloves, which did not bode well for our session...  Since she was off to the races, I only made her walk for a second before we cantered.
And cantered. 
And cantered some more until she was tired. then we cantered.
And canted.
And cantered some more until she was more tired.  Then we cantered just a teeeeeeny bit more. :)

Finally we got to busy.  Lots of transitions, making her listen within her gaits gaits to verbal "half halts" and whatnot.  She was, as always, really good.  Even though P was hyped up and a little rushed the whole session, her ears were pretty soft and she was fairly obedient.  It was encouraging to have a fairly "productive" (by my new standard) session.  Although there is a level of frustration that her obedience and attention on the lunge translates so poorly to under-saddle work. 

Here's a quick iPhone video of her lunging, just to prove that she's not always a snarling beast (realistically, she's only a beast when you're riding... which is only 45 minutes a day.. which really isn't very often at all...). 

This was taken about halfway through, so she wasn't at her most attentive, but still, for one-handed lunging and videoing, she's doing OK.. :)

Current STP?

Today: Lunge Again. (not much to add here)

Tomorrow: Super-Mom!!!!
Super-Mom (and for those who missed it Super-Mom's second visit was great too) makes a return visit to ride the mare, and give me any insight she has.  I'm really curious whether P will continue with her (moderately consistent) sticky/bucky behavior, or have a totally different act for Super-Mom.  Only time will tell, but I'm super curious.

Oh, and for those following the Hormone Plan, My vet has been on vaca (I feel like he's ALWAYS on vaca), but he returns tomorrow.. so more info then (hopefully).


  1. Pia is so pwetty! :)
    Btw..hope you are not concussed girl! That could lead to headache/vomiting. Good idea to take it easy next few days

  2. I agree with Kristen, watch that head! I got hit in the head on a Wednesday and Thursday, SUPER SICK. Hospital trip later, concussion diagnosed. Yikes.

    I'm glad that Supermom has your back. At least this will help you determine if you have a behavior issue or a pain issue (meaning that if it is pain she should be a P-I-T-A for her too right?)

    Looking forward to an update!!

  3. Sorry about the headache. I do get those, but now that I read the other comments maybe it is from hitting your head . . . only I think you said you didn't hit your head . . . anyway I'm glad it feels better. Migraines can cause vomiting btw so I guess it could be either.

    Pia looks like she did really well. She listens to voice commands so well and she's so pretty. Maybe Super Mom can help you sort this out so she can be just as nice under saddle. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Will you be video taping some of it too?

  4. If you think it might be hormonal, you should consider trying the marble trick--where they implant a marble into the uterus which tricks mares into thinking they are pregnant. Cheaper(and safer) than regumate:)

  5. I had to smile watching your video...Pia listens so well! It shows me that ground work with my mare needs some work! Pia is so pretty! Looking forward to hearing what conclusions you reach with respect to hormone treatments.

  6. I enjoyed the video - definitely some nice moments. I'm glad you two had a good session together. Kinda restores the love, doesn't it..

  7. Love "Blinded by the Light" playing in the background. Hehe.


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