Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am so far BEHIND on my blogging it's embarrassing.  But I'm going to try and catch up. First order of business:

I can't even remember if I mentioned that Denali's Mom came out to play with Miss P and I Friday night, but she did!! So fun.  She's wildly entertaining, we both have ridiculous mares (so it's always nice to have an empathetic ear to bitch to) and in spite of what she said, she totally, did not look homeless.  I'm a firm believer that you CANNOT hold anyone accountable for what they are dressed in anytime they are anywhere near horses (or children for that matter).

I have found myself in some seriously questionable outfits at the barn that have been known to include, swimsuits, earmuffs, hip waders, heels, goggles, goose down onesies, and/or cocktail dresses.  I'd like to pretend that these were all separate instances, but they weren't.  (hot).

Anyway, Denali's Mom was kind enough to pass the Stylish Blogger Award (omg!) along to me, so I'm posting it, however since literally all my fav blogs have gotten this thing by now (damn delay).. I'm skipping the final step of passing it on. I know, I know, I'm lazy. Maybe I'll just save it for when I find 15 new stylish people and re-gift at some unknown point in the future. :)

I will however, indulge in the 7 fun facts.. cause that's just... entertaining, or at least I hope it is.
  1.  In order to get my first pony I had to promise my dad three things. 1) no french kissing till high school, 2) no sex till college, and 3) Grandchildren by the time I turn 30.  This is a PERFECT indication of my parents child rearing philosophies.  They are great, even if I came out with some odd notions of how everyone else got their first pony...
  2.  My degree is in Cognitive Science, and I spent most of my research time teaching pigeons how to do ridiculous things.  Like move boxes around and peck at fake bananas.  All in the name of science mind you..
  3. I spend almost as much money at the Container Store as I do at the Tack Store.
  4. Thanks to The Boy, I'm somewhat addicted to Top Ramen (chicken flavor) with about a POUND of swiss cheese grated in.  It's.... addicting... and delicious.
  5. When I outgrew my first pony I swore that I would teach her to drive so that we could still compete.  She kicked the first cart she was hitched up to and I decided to buy a new horse...
  6. My Mom and I have matching tattoos.
  7. I have the world's BEST recipe for a smoked salmon-corn chowder.  YUM

More on the Mare shortly!!!  big hint... I GOT BACK ON. yeehaaaw!


  1. Swiss cheese in the ramen? Hmmm... something else to try out when I'm sick. Sweet!

  2. Love the things you picked to share with us. Salmon chowder sounds amazing right now. I was cracking up at the first one.

  3. Hmmm Ramen! I'm trying out a gluten free diet right now to see if it helps with my tummy troubles so I can't have any ramen. *pouts*

    Great list. I love the first one. My parents were like that too. :)

  4. Cheese and Ramen is great! Now I want some. lol. That chowder sounds awesome. Care to share the recipe? :D


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