Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double Header

Had a lovely day with both of the mares- a rare treat since they continue to live 3 hours away from each other...

But I thorough enjoyed it. Started off early with P2 and a quick school to review our First Level 2 test. It's a much "tighter" test than FL1 or TL which I think will be good for us but it gives me less time to remember what the heck our next movement is.... Our biggest challenge is the 10m half circle --> leg yield --> canter depart. It flows pretty well when I actually ride and think about the next step. But I get distracted on the half circle and am still trying to lift her shoulder instead of straightening the mare out. Or I'm straightening instead of leg yielding or I'm sorting the leg yield out when I need to have been cantering 5 strides ago....

We finished well but there's quite a bit of polish to be had..

Regardless she's still the sweetest mare ever.

But she's not the cutest! Those honors are still firmly P1's

After my session with P2 I left my boots on and zoomed off to the ferry on my way to miss P.

She greeted me with a nicked and came straight to the gate in search of snacks and scratches.

I mean seriously. What a doll.

She's looking a little skinny which is a combo of her working more (at least a lot more trotting and what not) along with spending most of her time out with the herd at night where she doesn't push her way to all the hay.

Cowboy Man makes sure she gets some solo time in a stall with some flakes, but the social pressure with the herd at night is helping her under saddle work so much we don't want to give it up entirely...

Anyway. Still the cutest.

It was such a beautiful day we headed to a big park that we don't ride at often but it has great views of the mountains and ocean and Pia seemed ready for a "new" territory to explore.

I got the privilege of riding Jewel.

Jewel is a very pretty mustang. Although her current BMi suggests an infusion of Hippo.

Jewel came off one of the Canadian ranges and after being rejected as a possible bucking horse found her way into the herd at Summer Camp. When she arrived she had shoes that someone had put on her feet so long ago that they had broken off their arms and the front toe curves were growing into her feet... You wouldn't know it now. She's foot perfect on the sketchiest trails...

Our ride was stunning. We tromped all over meadows and hills and through bushes and trees. Pia took the lead for most of it which was a huge breakthrough and she was *thrilled* to be trotting over hard packed ground, uneven grass and even on a decline. (declines seemed to bring out even the slightest pain in her shoulders).

It was so wonderful to watch her rock and roll. And it was so much fun to scamper around on Jewel.

The only hiccup came when we rounded a corner of the trailer to a growling, snarling dog off leash and totally ignoring its owner. She made feral charges toward all three horses and thankfully My cohorts were more comfortable standing their ground and staying calm because I was about to bolt my ass out of there.

The guy finally got a hold of the dog's collar and apologized profusely (which I appreciated) before mentioning that he "just got the dog from the pound two weeks ago."

Yes she was a pit-bull, but I know plenty of loving pits. My issue is WHAT THE HELL are you doing letting an adult rescue dog off leash in a public park when you've only had it a couple weeks.

Maybe let her learn her new name first so she KNOWS you're calling her while she's charging at our horses (or a toddler... Or another dog...)


But all in all it was a fabulous day with both my mares out in the sunshine.

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  1. Sounds like a PERFECT way to spend the day (minus the charging dog lol)!!!! Both of your mares are gorgeous and adorable. I'm glad you're having so much fun with them. :D

  2. So much mare time!! Sounds like a blast.

  3. Hehehe I'm glad you enjoyed reading the comments! I'm a total comment whore (getting them and leaving them; just can't help myself). I sometimes worry it might be annoying when I do a bunch in a row like that. Glad to know it's not. :D Also thanks for checking out Chrome's pictures and leaving a comment!


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