Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun New Tools/Toys!

I've been accused of be spoiled before (although I prefer to use different adjectives myself..) but sometimes it's just hard to argue against the accusation. 

The Boy and I (and the rest of the family) were away for the weekend at a fabulously fun wedding out in Sundance, UT but when we returned home to a stack of UPS boxes, I knew fun was about to be had. 

The first few boxes were from Schneider's and contained the final components of my Tack Locker Makeover.  Last week my Dad spoiled me by grabbing his handyman kit and helping install some shelves in my (less than organized) tack locker.  While it's already a million-gazillion times better, the new racks and hooks should be the finishing touch.

(my husband thinks it's weird that I'm so excited about what appears to be a pile of scrap metal)
 Stay tuned for a final "after" picture, but just so you know how tragic it all really was, here's the before:
if that doesn't look like a mandatory trip to The Container Store I don't know what does...
The other box that was waiting for me was a fun surprise.  Supermom went above and beyond with her birthday gift and got me (and P1 and P2) a fancy-shmancy new camera! 

Most importantly - It's PURPLE.  (whew, must coordinate).
Color is trending HOT for Fall '12
(Apparently she was tired of all the iphone pics/videos I've been settling for on the blog)  ;)

So, from now on, this thing will be in my purse or pocket so I don't have to keep taking blurry pictures of the mares or their accomplishments...  Also, there appears to be a "pet portrait" mode and also 3D!!! I have no idea how the hell that works, but the notion of P2 jumping out of the screen at you, or P1 baring her fangs, is fairly entertaining!

So many fun things!! Very anxious to try them all out and make good use of everything!


  1. ooooo i love organizing all my horsey stuff!

  2. Between P2's proliferation of tack and the incoming P1 stuff, I'll be shocked if you can keep it in one locker. ;-)

  3. Yay camera!!!!! Best present ever lol.

    I look forward to seeing the final shot of the tack locker. That's a LOT of stuff to try to organize in such a small space. Have fun with it!


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