Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flat Hacks

I had a quick lesson yesterday to go over the expectations for me and Prairie in our Hunter U/S  and Eq on the Flat classes.  I know that there are subtleties that were lost on my donkey-showing-extravaganza (aka: the IHSA) so I didn't really want to count on my coaching from that phase of my life (which can be charmingly summed up as having "Tits out butt back" hissed at me from the rail by my coach).

Effective though that may be, I figured maybe I should get a slightly more formal education in Hunter Land and also work through the priority of corrections

Hunter U/S - I get it.  Long and low, nose just in front of the vertical, slight loop in reins, make it look eeeaaaassssssyyyyy.

But then I wonder.  If P2 is tweedling out in the corners... is it better to take a contact, or let her look around on a loose rein (A: take contact)

When they are calling for a transition - Better to package her up for a moment and be late or get the quick transition but not as pretty... (A: depends where you are in the ring and what you can hide)

When P2 is going mach 2 in her ground covering trot, better to zoom around on an inside track or take more circles?  (A: we'll see how the jumps are laid out)

You get the idea.

Not exactly thought provoking questions, but I like to know them.

As inconsistent as our Dressage rides can be - I'm familiar with the discipline and what the "order of good scoring is" as well as where in the ring I can get away with stronger half halts, more outside rein, etc without waving a giant flag in front of the judge that I'm reprimanding my pony....  Although, even my best attempts to mask a distraction can't hide the fact that we just bolted down the longside. (whoops).
For example this fine moment - where I am assuring the judge that "we're ok!" after  her polite inquiry following a bolt down the longside.  Pretty sure we got a 4.
Anyway.  It was fun.  We practiced trotting into the arena (a concept that confused P2 to no end) and S called a typical HUS class as well as a typical Eq class.  (I got a compliment on my sitting trot).

I was mildly disconcerted that when we started our canter work Prairie kept swapping her hinds on the left lead.  She's never (ever) done that except on the lunge when I first got her.  I attributed it to a lack of balance and strength then, but it's never been an issue under saddle so I was a little concerned.  She held true on her right lead, and when I revisited the left lead the issue was gone.  But those first few minutes she wasn't holding a true left lead for more than 3 strides without falling out.  I'm hoping she was just stiff? But she had a light hack on Sunday and Monday off, so I wouldn't expect her to be super sore.  Who knows.  If it's back today I'm going to start worrying.

As for the rest of the week, I'll hack the mare today and work on our lateral work, tomorrow I'm off to see Pia the pretty, pretty princess and then Friday we'll school some low courses.

T-minus eight days!


  1. Cuna was falling out behind today, too. Something in the air? I dunno. It's really not his thing.

    The show sounds exciting!

    Also: you make me feel good about missing the whole ISHA experience.

  2. yeah yeah for the show!!! :) Ya'll are going to do awesome!

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the swapping hinds don't show up again. :) Sounds like HUS and Eq are... different? But fun? Never done them lol. I can't wait to hear how the show goes!


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