Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Mare, Two Mare (Red Mare, Blue Mare?)

It's (almost) official.  I have written the check for Pia's stall deposit back at home.  I've sent an email to Cowboy Man explaining my intentions to bring her back at the end of September and now I just need to have one more conversation with him about his thoughts and feel good about my decision.

The Red Mare is coming home.  Or rather.  She's coming to my current barn.  She's never been there before so it won't exactly feel like home, but that's just quibbling over details.

That means I'll have two (two! 2!) mares at the same barn (technically I think they'll be stall neighbors too... WHEE!).

Very exciting.  I recognize that moving Pia back into a traditional training barn setting might trigger a bit of a relapse with some of her issues (stall grumpiness, aggressiveness, etc) but hopefully so long as we can keep her body happy, we can work through the emotional distress.  If it really doesn't work, or starts spiraling the wrong way... well then I'll gladly send her back to summer camp for more training, or just to live there without training as a trail horse for my semi-regular visits. Frankly I'd like to get to the point where both mare get to go to Summer Camp for a least a month once a year.  I think it'd be good for them.

So if Pia is the Red Mare (based on coat color) I guess that makes Prairie the Blue mare.

Which she sort of is when she's purpley-black and not bleached-out-bay.  Or maybe she's the Blue Mare because her European roots have stamped her with a slightly socialistic political stance..

Who knows.

All I care about is that I have a plan.

I'm ready to amend it at any moment, but - at least we have a plan. 

Very excited to snuggle this nose on a regular basis


  1. Oh my!! How exciting. Here's to a cheaper future.

  2. Definitely exciting! Here's to Pia adjusting quickly and happily.

  3. Yah that's exciting. I hope it all works out.

  4. Yay for Miss P! I'm excited to see even more pictures of her on a regular basis :)

  5. Uh oh!! Are you SURE you want them to be stall neighbors? Prarie is so sweet. I'd hate for Pia to tell her stories! Can't wait to come see Pia!

  6. Hooray! Pia is coming home!

  7. Plans can always be changed! So excited for you.

  8. yay! Hoping all goes well with the talk :)

  9. Yay!!! Pia is coming home!!! You must be beyond ready to have her back. :D I bet with her new outlook on life and some modifications in her environment/training that if she does relapse it won't be for long. You both have a lot more tools in your toolbox for dealing with any issues that might crop up. :)


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