Monday, August 6, 2012

Lion Taming

I know everyone who lives anywhere but here will throttle me for complaining about temperatures SOARING into the upper 80's, but holy gosh.  When your body is calibrated for a tiny window of 68-72...
90 degrees turns me into a lazy marshmallow.

Such as it is, not much has happened.  Good schools with Prairie late last week and on Saturday.  We both opted to work on our tan lines (and highlights) yesterday instead of working, and today I shared the ring with a lesson so we were relegated to the "scary" end of the arena which was a good schooling "opportunity" but not exactly our most fluid ride.

Since I'm still sweaty, sticky and mostly toasted - I'll spare you the sissy complaints of a overheated Seattle-ite and get straight to the totally unrelated video.

This came to me from D (the miracle pony keeper) who keeps Star looking like she's in her twenties instead of her thirties or forties... (maybe she could work her magic on me in the coming years..)

Anyway - I sorta want to make one of these suits for P1 and P2.  Wouldn't they be adorable!?!?! 
I particularly enjoy the banded tail and floppy ears...


  1. That is too cute for words!!!

  2. 102 yesterday. Sorry, no sympathy here! ;)

    But I WANT that pony! So adorable!

  3. Yeah no sympathy here either. Been between 106-108F for several months with no rain here. :)

    That pony is ADORABLE! And the costume is so awesome. :D Thank you for sharing that. The perfect thing to cheer me up when I don't want to go to work lol.


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