Saturday, August 11, 2012

Final School

Snuck in one final ride today before the show tomorrow- and given our total lack of guidance or feedback this week, I think we're doing ok.

The mare has been great, particularly with regard to our canter work and lengthenings. But our leg yields have been suffering and I haven't quite been able to sort them out. I *think* that I'm fiddling with my inside rein too much so the mare is feeling stifled and shut down. Which results in a still, tense, uneven leg yield.

No buenos.

But rather than fight on it for an hour we worked them at the walk schooled a couple times at the trot (mediocrely) and then ran through our tests.


This test feels pretty solid. Our biggest issue is not plowing onto our forehand durning the 4 mile long canter tour. Everything else is solid. And our transitions were right where I wanted them today.


The early leg yields inserts a certain amount of tension into the ride but we deal with it ok. I need to remember to not ask for much canter lengthening because P2 over delivers and then we end up strung out and I have a hard time putting everything back together.

The ordering of the test is good for us- especially the early lengthenings and placement of the canter transitions right after the leg yields.. I just need to anticipate then and control the outside shoulder...

After successful run throughs of each test I called it a day and took to cleaning the mare up. Prairie was convinced that the soap suds were going to eat her so she spent the whole bath snorting at the pooled water in the wash rack.... Doofus.

Total doofus face.

Then it was back to the dock to enjoy every. Last. Moment. Of summer around here. If we totally bomb our rides tomorrow it's because I spent a little too much time with chips and dip on the dock and not enough time working with P2...

This is how I memorize my tests:

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  1. Best of luck!!!

    Also, GIVE SUMMER BACK TO ME! We had awful windy cloudy cold weather today, it was CRAP and you have made me super jealous!!

  2. I know I'm late to this post, but good luck at the show!

    PS. If you want more summer, we have plenty left down here. It's 101 out right now, bright and sunny. Perfect for sweating to death.

  3. (I am late too) Good luck with the show!

    Love your place for memorizing :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! I love total doofus face!!!! I'm late too, but I hope you had a great time at the show and that everything went well!


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