Monday, July 15, 2013

Break In Part II

The good news is that I'm liking the saddle more with each ride.  Given the time and $$$ poured into the damn thing, I'm calling that a victory (woo!)

The boots are still on a "love" list, but the blisters are less than charming.  They are now not being worn until the show to allow my feetsies to recover (a little).

The saddle has been lovingly oiled and rolled and is starting to feel really good.  The boots have gotten a 2 hour polish session which included the full blow-dryer system of melting the polish and they've got a good shine going. I was going to add another couple layers of polish last night, but my shoulder is so sore from the marathon polish session that I couldn't buff them!

How sad is that?! I think I might need to hit the gym a bit more if my shoulder is going to scream from polishing my boots.  Not sexy.

I'm serious when I say it's unhappy.  I've torn my bursa and ripped my rotator cuff from volleyball and I swear I have not woken up with a screaming shoulder like this since college.  I'm also pretty sure that NCAA volleyball was way harder on my shoulder than sitting on the floor polishing boots.  Not normal, but I digress.

So to sum up.  things are breaking in.  Saddle, boots, my feet and my shoulders.

On the actually riding front Prair has been SUPER RAD.  We had an amazing jump lesson Sat in a oddly busy ring with no stress or freight-train like behavior.  If we can get half that ride at the show I'll be really thrilled with her progress from the June show.

I already remembered to pick up my hunt coat from the drycleaners (win) so tomorrow is a morning of real work (boo) before heading out to the barn for baths, and packing and fitting a shockwave session for Gussie before we load up to haul out!

looking forward to a sunny, fun week of showing - Fingers Crossed!


  1. You will definitely have to explain the blow-dryer session. I suck at shining boots, so I can use all the tips I can get!

  2. Hope that your shoulder feels alright. I am pretty awful at boot shining and typically just clean mine :/

    Glad the saddle is breaking in!

  3. Boots and saddles, yeah! Here's to an awesome show.

  4. Yay show time!!

    Hope your tootsies and shoulder cooperate and feel better ASAP!!

    Glad the saddle is actually worth all the pain!!

  5. Have you tried the bathtub for breaking in boots? I know the HP's and DQ's scream in horror, but I swear, it does not hurt them at all and it's a dream. I just put on socks and boots, sit in bathtub and let boots fill with warm water. Get out and prance (prancing and clothing optional) until they are pretty much dry. Never have blisters again.

    I've done this with my last two pairs of boots and now I wonder why no one told me this in past years of blisters! Two toes up! Oh and SO GREAT that your saddle is finally working out!!!!

  6. Hope you've a great show, delighted to hear that the new saddle & boots & breaking in nicely!

  7. Please tell us your boot shining tips :)


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