Thursday, July 25, 2013


One of the things that's cool about showing at the facility we were at last week is that I have such fond memories of running events and participating in PC rallies, ratings and camps there when I was younger. 

As a kid this places was baby-eventer heaven.  The huge facility had a gorgeous indoor, massive fields and a separate area that had TBs training for the track.  One of my favorite camp memories is from an early morning when I was hand grazing the pony and hearing the thundering strides of the race horses on the track before they came into view out of the morning fog. 

I have so many fun memories of course walks, setting up "cafeterias" in one of the covered roundpens and readying for formal inspections at the crack of dawn.  I also have exceptionally fond memories of the water complex which was the first one I ever successfully cajoled my pony into (from a bank) at a competition.  After that we were aces for the rest of our time together...

Supermom (on P's mama) at the Water back in 2000
The TB's have long since left, their barn seems mostly empty now, I think maybe it's overflow for show stabling? Some of the large fields have been converted into extra outdoor rings (where we show now) and another big indoor has sprung up.  There is still a very active dressage program (and breeding program) on site, but the cross country course (and track) seem to have gone by the wayside. 

While taking the dogs for a walk in the infield, Supermom ventured past the far rail to peek at the other parts of the course and we both got a little sad at the state of it.  It's turned into a cow pasture (I'm quite certain livestock is more lucrative than running events), but it was heartbreaking to see all the old jumps that I used to sit by and gawk as the older girls ran the higher divisions now just sitting in tall grass, slowly rotting away.

I have similar feelings when I drive by new housing developments where old farms once were, but it was just odd to feel such a sense of "loss" when the property is still such a great and functional equine facility.  The focus has just turned away from Horse Trials I guess.

Makes me want to clean it all up and go run that course again...
It also made it clear that someday, (at my dream farm) regardless of whether or not I'm eventing something myself, I'd love to have a cross country field and have it open for schooling or smaller events... I mean, it's just too much fun to watch horses enjoying themselves out there.


  1. I completely agree, I hate seeing stuff you used to enjoy get changed, often for the worst. And I'd do the same thing as you, if I get my dream barn/property some day I'd love to do smaller events there.

  2. always sad to see something from our childhood go, especially when it doesn't give way to anything better (well from our view at least, I'm sure making money with cows is better for the owners). ;)

  3. I agree. It is very sad to see facilities get run down. They just need someone to love them and make them back into something special

  4. Sounds like the other aspects of the facility make it a great HJ venue though? That's a plus. Sad to see a childhood menory change though.


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