Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Show Pad Solution?

So, for some reason I have had an absurdly hard time finding a good fleecey, contour pad leaves a consistent trim around my saddles.  With the Pessoa I wasn't surprised, given the more forward flap - but I seemed to always run out of pad behind my thigh where the panel and flap meet.

I was however surprised when the same issue cropped up with S's Mom's Saddle since her CWD was a very traditional shape with a very standard flap.  But same issue - lack of fluffy fleece right at the panel-flap connection, and LOTS of fleece in front of the pommel. 

No matter how I seem to tug the pad around or try to wiggle a bit extra pad to one side or the other, after a few minutes of riding it looks wrong again.

I was hoping that my CWD would magically be different, but alas, given the same seat size and same flap shape, it's shockingly similar in the pad fit department.

I inherited a gorgeous Fleeceworks pad from Supermom that actually fit the pessoa decently, and I love the look and feel of the real fleece.  It never worked with S's Mom's Saddle, so I'm guessing it won't be ideal for my CWD, though I haven't actually tried it yet.

I have tried the Toklat and Medallion fake fleecey pads and both leave a little to be desired. 

In a humph I went to my tack shop yesterday curious if they had any other random brands hanging around I could bother trying.  They didn't, but the nice sales lady got me on another train of thought entirely.

Half Pad.

I hadn't considered the half pad look for P2 in the show ring, but given my lack of other solutions at the moment I figured what the hell and threw a Fleeceworks half pad in my baseket along with extra hairnets and bell boots.  It's quite possible that I go through hairnets and bell boots faster than any other pieces of tack/stuff. insane.

Anyway, I haven't actually laid the thing on Prair's back yet, and in my head I can't tell if it's going to look super sleek and sharp, or make Prair's barrel look even longer/more expansive.

When it works - I love the half pad (or naked!) look.  Super clean, super minimal, and it can help lengthen the appearance of the rider's leg even more..

But we shall see. It can also make proportions look super strange in which case, back in the return pile it goes!

Anyone have any other favorite show pad brands?  I'm really missing my simple square pads at the moment, Somehow correct fit was never a struggle with those guys...


  1. I LOVE thinline's fleece half pad. You can use it with or without a regular pad underneath. They have a 7-10 year life span too! Not cheap by any means but the technology and look are worth it. Plus you can shim some of them!

    1. Oh I totally agree! I got a steal of a deal on one of the shim-pads from them and I love it!! but it doesn't have the rolled fleece for showing, but more important - it's off with P1 keeping her back happy :)

    2. I just got the one with rolled fleece and it's gorgeous!

  2. When I took Lucy to some hunter shows a couple of years ago, I used a fleece half pad. I actually got a compliment from the judge, saying it really made her stand out in the crowd :)

    1. Oh I like this story... super curious how it'll look on the big missus!

  3. I can't get used to the half-pad look. To my eye it just looks funny. Good thing we can use square pads in every phase for eventing!

    But the big question is... WW George Morris do? LOL!!! ;)

  4. I will use a half pad in a pinch, but they were more in fashion in the hunter ring in the early 2000's and now everyone is back to the fitted pad look. Also, 95% of the horses I saw in WEF were in a fitted faux fleece, not sheepskin. That being said, I use a Mattes half pad right now because it's what helps my saddle fit. I ordered a thin half quilt/half fleece pad to go underneath it, and am waiting on that to arrive for me to try it out.

  5. I love Mattes and Fleeceworks but if you are already trying that route I am of no help. The half pad look just looks weird to me.

    Hairnets, on the other hand, I understand. I just bought a no-knot hair net and used it this past weekend. Super cool little thing, it is! It worked really well for me with medium/long hair, may work for you? It was $10 for one hair net but it looks like it may stick around a while. Good luck!

  6. Girl you and me both with the bell boots!!

    I have one of these: http://www.smartpakequine.com/medallion-high-profile-fleece-pad-2123p.aspx

    It's traditional and works well.

    I also have used my half pad and liked the look and feel of that.

    Look luck with the search :)

  7. I am so glad I don't need a fitted pad, because both my saddles are super forward and it would be a NIGHTMARE to round something that fit up long distance like this. Good luck!

  8. Looking for fitted pads is no fun. Maybe try Wilkers? They have quite a wide variety. Ecogold does too I think. EquineLUX, I *think*, will make one for your saddle at no extra charge (their pads are definitely on the pricey side). Would CWD themselves have any advice?

    My experience with half pads is that they don't look quite right. I've heard negative things about them on the show grounds in years past, too. It's not the end of the world, but if you can find a fitted pad that works, I'd definitely go that way.

  9. Here's a link to a German company: http://www.lammfelle.de/HorseDream/

    I bought mine last year from a local representative. It's a great pad.

    Mine has four pockets for shims so you can adjust the configuration.


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