Friday, July 5, 2013

The Boots Have Landed

Got home from our 4th of July escape to multiple boot shaped boxes on the front porch. I can assure you that I shoved my sunburned, un-socked foot in every single one before I pet the cat, opened mail or (god forbid) unpacked my bag. 

I can say that my review will be slightly tainted by the fact that the Ariat boot showed up in the wrong calf size. It might actually be a contender in the right measurements, but we shall see...

I'll save my official opinions for when I actually try the things on with breeches, socks and a slightly leased manic evaluation of the overall design and quality, but I will say that my initial front runner was a mental underdog. 

Boots, boots, boots.... It's like Christmas in July!


  1. Woohoo! Looking forward to seeing what you think.

  2. It's Christmas!!!! I'd be soooo estatic to come home to those boxes :)


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