Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy New Boots! (...and Year)

2018 is chugging along nicely for the boys and I.  Not a lot has happened since the ball dropped at midnight, but we are currently less than 48 hours away from heading south to Thermal to knock the rust off. 

Neither Winds or Quiz has been off property since Thunderbird back in.... August? So I think a change of scenery (and sunshine) will do us all a world of good. 

Rather than try to stuff 4 months of training updates into two board and general paragraphs, I'll move on to the really important stuff like NEW BOOTS. 

Back in November some casual scrolling on Instagram resulted in me noticing that my favorite tack store was offering $500 any custom Konig boot.  

Unfortunately for me, my (then current) show boots were in great shape.  At the time of this $500 special, they were only two years old and in fabulous condition - leaving me zero justification  for ordering new boots. 

But.... I just couldn't say no to $500 off.  I tried, but I failed.  

With no real complaints about my current boots in terms of functionality, I looked toward the style side of things to make these new boots *slightly* different.  Mind you, my trainer is Traditional with a capital T, so I can't stray too far from the path, but I spent a few extra minutes thumbing through the leather swatches and lookbook before finalizing the order. 

I opted to remove the swagger tabs, replace them with just the Konig crown, add a decorative punched toe and then - I got crazy and opted for a sprinkle of patent piping.  Just on the toe and heel (...but still.  REBEL). 

I handed over my credit card, prayed I wouldn't get kicked out of the barn for over zealous adornment, and set my timer for eight to ten weeks.

The boots arrived in a timely eight weeks, and they are amazing

If I thought my last pair was lovely, these are a dream.  We tightened up a few measurements this time so there were a few days were the zipping was not so easy - but after a week of rides they fit like a glove, and have one of the nicest tapers I've ever seen through the ankle. 

Just casually trying on my boots in my bedroom.  That's normal right?

I was thrilled with my style choices.  The plain crown is subtle but still offers a beauty mark of sorts at the top of the boot.  The punched toe is fun, and just enough of a pain in the ass to clean to keep me busy back at the tent - and the patent ooooohhhhhh the patent.  I love it.  

It's just a hint of something different without being distracting (and it actually got full approval from the trainer).  

Similar to my last pair of Konigs, the calfskin softened within about a week, and I'm thinking I'll survive Thermal without my feet turning into giant blisters.  I really cant say enough good things about my Konigs.  They wear incredibly well, the construction is impeccable and the price point beats most of their competition for custom field boots.  

detail of the patent at tow and heel cup

So that's our update.  Other than new boots, we've been working hard in the off season to come out of the gate, fit strong and supple.  The boys both feel amazing.  Winds has had some changes to his shoeing which seems to be making all the difference, and Quiz has a TON more fitness.  Even I have been putting in some good work and logging time in the Pilates studio (which is actually making me a significantly stronger, more stable rider).  

Next stop - CALIFORNIA. 

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