Thursday, October 23, 2014

Swing, swing, swing

Prair's trot (all 10 min of it) is feeling over the top amazing this week.

I haven't felt any of those clunky crunchy steps at all, and she's really working well into the outside rein.

Like, better than I remember her ever working into the outside rein before.

She's always respected the outside rein - but this week there's been a whole new level of inside-leg-to-outside-rein-ness. And it's waaaay too much fun to ride.

I just sit tall, nudge with the inside calf - and she literally lifts and holds into the outside aids. Her back feels like it raises about 8" and curls around that leg and her withers get all big and melty. It's like riding a big, giant stick of butter.

For ten minutes.

Then we go back to walking in circles forever.

(Mare Butter. Although she looks oddly tiny and her legs look wonky in this pic..)

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

8-10 Weeks

I've done it again.

I've given in to my crippling addiction.


We have so many boots - but soon (if a tack ho can consider 8-10 weeks "soon") we will have more.

Why? No great reason. Mostly because I got bored walking in circles, and watching everyone else go off and show (again). And also because I don't have anything else on my Christmas list, and apparently Christmas is 8-10 weeks away (or thereabouts).

And also because (if we ignore vet costs...) we've "saved" money not showing all summer. Technically we've saved enough for many boots, so just this one little pair is a modest expenditure (lie).


Oh, and also I told myself if I lost (most) of the baby weight I could get new boots.

So last week I called to make a fitting appointment then carted the kiddo into the tack shop and geeked out over boot options with the very friendly, entertaining and equally boot obsessed owner of the store while baby girl got covered in bulldog kisses from the stores pup.

Since I wanted a show boot, I knew I wouldn't take advantage of any of the fun color/piping/trim/anything options, but still, staring at swatches and feeling everything was a ton of fun and in my opinion - part of the purchase price.

I ended up ordering a pair of the Konig (love) K5000 (love) field boots.

In terms of options I went with swagger tabs, zippers, zipper guard at the heel and a punched toe. Oh, and the new calfskin.

I was skeptical of the calf since I like a stiffer leather and something that polishes to a massive shine... but when I looked at it on a pair of boots that had come in, I caved (and swooned).

These.  but in black.

It's soft and grippy, but much more substantial than, say the calf on the Ariat Monacos.

And holy stickiness Tackman.

Swung my leg over a calf CWD in the saddle section - and between those boots and those flaps - there is zero excuse for your lower leg ever moving, ever.

I relayed that I don't love the look of the overly thin, overly tight leather that (to me) makes boots look like weird socks (think Parlanti), but after seeing some pics and boots in person, I don't think it'll be an issue. 

Strongly Dislike

(Can we discuss this for a moment? I've never worn a pair, and I'm sure they are dreamy, I can't help but think of those Steve Madden Faux leather stretchy boots from the late 90's. I hated those then, and I really don't think high-end-anything should invoke their memory)

I mean seriously, add that Parlanti button and it's too close for comfort...

Anyway, I'm super excited.

And I won't even begin to make promises like I did before claiming how the cost is worth it cause I'm sure I'll never buy another pair of boots again... I think we all know that would be a lie. A big, bad lie.

that being said, I do think that a good (tall enough) pair of customs in a conservative, traditional style is a good decision for me - but holy smokes, if I could order 12 pairs there are SO MANY FUN things to do.

I'd probably start ordering extra Ogilvy pads too and just have a dreamy, absurd closet of beautiful boots and pads to mix and match for all of our rides.

Of course all this super stylish planning exists in a dream land where my breeches aren't covered in spit up and I'm not stashing diapers in my groom box....

But for now 8-10 weeks.

Hopefully that gives us a good amount of time to break them in before we (hopefully) head to Thermal. Which quickly brings my head space back to crossing fingers and toes for continued good rehab and more walking in circles...


Friday, October 10, 2014

You're HIRED

In my baby brain stupor I totally forgot to mention that Gus passed his job interview and is officially a working career man.  He is currently enjoying a full time job in the therapeutic riding program where he lives. 

So far the reports are glowing.  The kids and adults in the program adore him (obviously), the volunteers love working with him, and the trainers and staff think he's just the neatest horse ever. 

Clearly Gus approves of all the attention and adoration and seems to be taking it stride.  Currently he's just being used in walk/trot sessions which is probably a good, sustainable plan for him. 

He is taking his duties very seriously and seems to think that the extra energy required of him is worth all the extra hugs and kisses he's getting in return. 

More to come on the adventures of Gus as he climbs the corporate (or not so corporate, really) ladder in his new career :)

paychecks, err, treats go here.

Good God This is Boring

It's that time.  When I've totally run out of things to say about walking for 30 minutes and trotting for five....

I am furiously trying to make the most of our time and *try* to make Prair carry herself, use her back, etc... but really there's only so much to discuss.

my Queen
She continues to be a very-good-girl and is a joy to be around in her stall and even stands politely with her head out when I leave her door wide open while I collect some forgotten item of tack or more treats (Pia would most certainly be making a break for freedon if left in the same situation).  Prair doesn't seem anxious at all about her confinement - which makes this whole process much, much easier. 

Yesterday when I was "riding" I had the realization that since our barn is attached to the indoor, Prair literally doesn't see the outside world on most days - She just walks from her little room to the bigger room, walks around a bit, then goes back to her little room again.

So I'm trying to at least hand graze her for a few minutes when I have the time.  Usually she still has the tail end of her don't-hurt-yourself-you-idiot juice left in her system which keeps her eyeballs in her head and her feet on the ground while we enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes.

I will say that the limited sun exposure has her winter coat coming in blacker than black.  I suppose there are always the superficial upsides to total confinement!!

and now, you may enjoy a few more extremely limited, extremely boring, extremely repetitive photos of a horse in a rehab program - at least this time we're outside!!

squinty selfie in Seattle sunshine

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two Days In

Prair's been trotting for two days now.  Yesterday you couldn't wipe the grin off my face during our 5 min set.  She felt a little stiff, but totally even so I let myself breathe a small sigh of relief.

ready... OKAY

Today when we worked up into our five minutes of trot time she felt a little... clunky.  I was just starting to totally freak myself out when our Vet magically appeared like an angel from on high (cue trumpets).  Technically she was supposed to be watching someone else, but I totally interrupted with a panicked "IS SHE OFF!??!????!???!!!"

to which she calmly replied "No."

oh.  okay.  phew.

I was reassured that she will probably feel a little.... clunky... for a bit while she gets moving again.  Makes sense to me, the mare hasn't moved past a walk since JULY.  That's a really, really long time.

So, we'll get some bodywork done next week to try and help her loosen up and get back into the swing of things. 

To the mare's credit she is shockingly light in the bridle and extremely responsive, so even if it's not our biggest, swingiest, loftiest trot - it's still a really, really, really fun five minutes :)


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