Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anti Horsey Time

I wish I had some fun update, but I don't.  I've been trotting around Idaho for work and totally NOT trotting around on my pony for play.  LAMER

The boy and I leave tomorrow for the east coast - boston, connecticut, and NYC all for some friends, one wedding and more friends.  I'll miss the big mare, but she'll be getting her toes done in my absence and hopefully behaving herself.  If she's nice my dad might just make a trip out to take care of her stall crater and get her all matted back up again.  

Hope everyone has a fun weekend! my plan is to be out with Princess P at some fun schooling show this time next year.

A girl can dream, right??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I mean. wow.

Sometimes I feel like a strong, bad ass sort of lady.  Other times, I see pictures like this and feel like a huge wussy.  6'6" in a sidesaddle.  WOOF.

Sorry for the lack of Pia pics this week.  I've been distracted with friends and family in town. 

If it's any consolation, the mare isn't doing anything very exciting aside from attacking her sticky gross grain ball of death.  I'm fairly certain that this ball will be decimated faster than the last one.  She seems to be making short work of it...

Monday, May 24, 2010

June 10th!

That's our myelogram date! I'm sure P couldn't care less, but I'm excited to finally have a date on the books.  Once again I got annoyed by the scheduling process (which included a commanding phone call "informing me" that our appointment was this Friday. Neato, I'll be on a plane to Boston... ). I think we sorted it out though and after some back and forth, managed to land on June 10th as a "no reason to panic" and "not too far away" option.  I was tempted to try and figure out a way to get Pia there this week, but ultimately I took S's advice and decided that the mare having a spinal tap while I'm 3,000 miles away at a wedding would be stressful and worrisome. Also, I would have had to pay for double board and extend P's visit until I get back next Wednesday... All in all not ideal.  So the 10th is a much better option

Additionally, I'm relieved that the farrier has finally reappeared after dropping off the face of the earth and (by my count) ignoring approximately 43 increasingly upset/annoyed voicemails from me.  I'm glad he's back and ready to do Pia's toes this week.  AND since she probably needs to be barefoot for the myelogram, so I'm excited to see what happens when we pull the shoes.  Pia got a nice fresh hot shoeing last time.. so hopefully her feet are semi prepared for nakedness... we shall see

I would love to be able to leave her barefoot while she's laid up.  For one thing, I like barefoot horses if they have the hoof for it, and for another, I can redirect the difference in her farrier bills to things like treats, and more granola balls.  But if we have to smack shoes back on after the myelogram, that's fine too.  And I'll probably buy her lots of treats anyway.  cause I'm a sucker like that.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The big dig.

Pia is a motivated and fairly efficient animal.  She powers through Likits in approximately 3 hours, demolishes granola balls in a matter of days (not months or years like some horses), pops "unpoppable" toys, and apparently is digging a tunnel. 

Where to? you ask? who the hell knows.  Current theories include:

a) to see her "goat" Charlie in the stall next door.  This is a good theory as she LOVES her goat, but she's not digging toward him...  though its possible that "wobbler syndrome" has affected her internal compass, so maybe she doesn't know that she's headed the wrong way....

b) to freedom.  Maybe Pia wants to run wild with the pumas of Tiger Mountain.  She'd probably hunt things in a pack if she could.  sometimes I think she might be hunting me...

c) to her trailer! I think she might know there's a new toy outside that she hasn't gotten to play with/sit in/chew on yet, and she's eager to attempt some sort of destruction on it. 

Really, who knows.  All I know is that there is a massive crater in her stall and gravel strewn everywhere (even found some rocks in her water bucket today... explain THAT one...)
She's definitely making progress, I'll report back once she shows some purpose with her hole. She's very proud of it.

I think though, that hole digging might slow down now that she's got a replacement granola ball that needs to be thoroughly chomped, licked and otherwise attacked before any other "improvements" are made to her surroundings. 

However, she does seem to be staying somewhat cleaner than she did with the first ball, maybe she's got a new strategy that involves less hot-sticky-mess-mare and more quiet enjoyment.  I'm not holding my breath...

Not much else planned for the weekend.  My Grandmom is visiting from Wisconsin, and she has lots of pretty arabian ponies out there so I'm sure we'll have some nice barn time.  Hopefully Pia doesn't look like a dirty gelding by the time I try to show her off...

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day..

So poor P missed out on TWO WHOLE DAYS of attention recently.  I felt bad but there was some life drama, so oh well.  Saturday I popped out to see the beast since everyone else was off at a little show and I figured she'd like some company.

The barn was a ghost town.  Literally the old (mostly dead) pony, Pia and her "goat" (/morab neighbor) were the only ones there.  I turned P loose and let her make a disaster of the arena.  She bucked and kicked, and snorted at everything she could.  Then she promptly turned her attention back to the "hay bale jump" and continued dragging the bale around the ring with her.  weirdo.

It was nice and sunny so I took the oppotunity to bathe the monster and hand graze her for a few while she dried.  She was good, and only spooked at two bunnies.
What a cutie.  and now she smells delicious.

Sunday I decided to get dramatic and dealt with non horsey things all day so poor Pia was left to her lonesome and treatless.

Yesterday I was "supposed" to go to the barn but I forgot socks for my boots and when i went to leave and saw that my car was thinking it was 74 degrees, I headed West instead of East and made a beeline for the dock.  I think that if Pia liked tanning, she would have understood.  I love the first few dock days of every year. So damn relaxing and warm.  plus it doesn't hurt that Dad willingly pours G&T's starting at 3pm... Mare might need to learn how to mix a mean martini... then I'm pretty sure I'd have no reason to ever leave the barn. :)

(forgive this hipster photo processing.. new app on the phone, haven't quite figured it out yet...)
(shoes on dock --> barefoot me--> happy me)
(Dad, Drink, Dock.)

Fortunately for Pia, it's POURING rain again, so the dock isn't tempting.  Today I grabbed the Boy and ran out to Woodinville to pick up the trailer... looked great all clean and the owner was nice enough to through in some of her trailer gear (jacks, haynets, ties) with it, so we are all set for summer roadtrips! (or vet visits, you pick).
The trailer lady also happened to be getting out of horses entirely so she had a garage FULL of blankets and tack and pads and whatever. I dug through a few piles and grabbed an extra fly sheet (since they ALWAYS tear) and a couple other random bits.  Pia was less than thrilled with all of her new bits... one in particular:
I'm going to say that she was checking the tag for the size/designer and NOT trying to chew it off.
It's ugly right? but cheap stuff is cheap and who KNOWS when you might need your horse to like like a giant optical illusion... 

The exciting news is that the trailer is finally parked at the barn! YAY tack locker! I didn't get to load it all up with my extra crap though because a) in theory I'm supposed to be "at work" today, and b) I forgot barn shoes, so stomping around in cute python flats seemed questionable given the torrential rain storm.

Leaves something fun for tomorrow I guess.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vet Update..

The horse gods have a semi cruel sense of humor about things.

They must have heard me writing the check for the trailer because, (of course) no sooner had I dispensed with a large amount of cash, than the vet decides to give me a ring and discuss "next steps" and costs estimates.

I know the trailer check came from a separate fund than the "vet bills" will but still lots of dollars discussed in a very brief window of time.  I've been very careful to make sure that any extra purchases or planned costs will not in any way impact my ability to pay for surgery or whatever else this horsey needs. 

Dr Fleck basically was just calling to check in and rehash what Dr. Grant saw on the x-rays.  No shocking new news.  Next step is still a myelogram (a bargain at only $1,200!) prior to determining the necessity of surgery and how effective it will or won't be. The myelogram itself is fairly involved and will probably require P to stay at the hospital for a night or two.  The wikipedia article makes it sound terrifying and slightly barbaric, but Dr. Fleck assured me that it gives a better image than an MRI for the entire cord... blegh.

(Image on top is a myelogram showing a compression, the one on the bottom shows the fused basket and compression relief.. Pia's will supposedly look similar)

THEN we'll schedule with Dr. Grant, have him consult on the myelogram and potentially plan for surgery ($10-12k).  Apparently a big chunk of that is Grant's travel, time and shipping his equipment up..  oh GOODIE.

At least P will be traveling in style for her adventures?

Oops. I got a Trailer.

The question of "is it worth it to get a trailer" may not be on everyone's mind all the time, but it's usually on mine.  As a kid, when my brother and his friend's would oogle cars that passed us on the highway I would do the same with trailers.  I had a sad, crappy 1973 King Two horse trailer and I COVETED every gleaming gooseneck that went by.  I knew I'd never get it, and in fact I was pretty sure I'd never even make it to something with a tack room but I could still call out trailer specs as they went zooming past at 70mph in the other direction.  "Sundowner 4 horse slant, living quarters, and oooooo front unloading ramp... fancy."

My family (reasonably) thought I was nuts, but I think dad appreciated the fact that I was obsessed with large steel structures that couldn't really hurt me as opposed to motorcycles, or skydiving or anything else that involved a multiple page hold harmless agreement...

I got my slant load trailer once I started showing a ton (and once I graduated from the 13.2 hand pony (since not much else fit in the 1973 gleaming heap of rust). It was a practical trailer.  Nothing shiny, nothing fancy, but it did the trick.

Now that I'm spending unreasonable amounts of money on a horse again, I've been considering the advantages (and disadvantages) of trailer ownership.  I get that much like second homes, it's ALWAYS cheaper to rent than buy, but still, you buy it cause its conveinent.  The only way for me to truly suss this out was to make a list.  (I love lists)

Reasons Not To (or, "what-my-dad-would-say")
a) lots of people have them, its easy to hitch rides to shows and clinics and such.
b) they are expensive and they rust like none other.
c) it's LITERALLY $80 a day to rent a decent trailer. 
d) I don't have plans to show nearly enough to justify the convenience of keeping one all to myself. 

In spite of the sound logical reasoning behind each one of these statements I managed to come up with several reasons why I do in fact "need" my own trailer.

Reasons to buy, buy, buy! (or, "what-I-would-say-backk-to-my-father"):
a) Only the owner of my barn has a trailer, and she charges to haul people around (fair).
b) Pia is scheduling trips to the vet faster than I'm scheduling manicures (which is impressive)
c) I want one
d) I have limited tack storage at the barn, and could use a "closet" for all my crap.
e) could charge people to haul them around (buwahaha)
f) Last week I would have given an arm and a leg not to be driving all over God's Country picking up trailers, picking up horses, dropping off horses, dropping off trailers just for a 2 hour vet visit.
g) I want one.
h) They hold their value well, and even if I end up horseless, I can pretty much get most of my money out of one.
i) the nicer the trailer you buy, the more you can sell it for? (I use this logic when determining "value" of extra features)
As you can see, the lists of pros greatly exceeds the list of cons.  Which means that I am only justified in searching for a trailer.... Yesterday I drove past the trailer place again so I stopped (oops).  The salesman was SUPER nice and very helpful.  Really honest about what each model gave me for my money and I felt really comfortable going with a lesser brand in exchange for their nicest model.  extra tall, extra wide, nice features aluminum roof... you know... and I could get out the door for under $9k.  not bad.

I took the literature home to mull over with the Boy and get his input it when I decided to do one last craigslist search.  I know that good used slant loads don't pop up very often, goosenecks yes. smaller trailers no.  Why? who knows, but they are rare.

I was squinting into the sun (YAY SUN) when I saw it "1999 Silverlite Freedom 3H slant BP Aluminum Trailer"  20 minutes away.  are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!?

I emailed desperately, knowing that the LOW LOW price was going to mean this person would be INNONDATED with responses and even went so low as to play the "oh gosh my horse needs spinal surgery and I need a trailer ASAP so that she can get to the best possibly vetrinary care.. boo hoo" card.  And apparently it worked! who knew!?

So 12 hours later, I skip my lunch break and head east to go take a look at this thing.  Quiet ramblings of recent craigslist murders rumble in my head, and get louder as the properties I'm driving toward get bigger, and bigger and more and more spread out... Hmm, well, I'll just be sure to be on the phone when I get there in case I have to scream "SAVE ME" real quick before I get knocked out and drug out back...

Thankfully the house I pulled up to was gorgeous, beautifully fenced and the cost of the landscaping alone made me think that they probably weren't too interested in my beaten up passat, or me for that matter.

Turns out the home belongs to a family who has a daughter at my old small high school, and that daughter played volleyball for me there last year. uhhhhh whaaaat? small world? really small world? TINY? Yup, yes it is.  wow.

Trailer looked great.  a few dings and some snags in screen doors and such, but all in all its a GORGEOUS aluminum 3 horse slant in excellent condition and I paid about 40% of what the trailer would cost new. WIN!

So here it is.  My current impulse buy, I'm thinking it's still a screaming deal, I hope it doesn't break, and I can't wait to use it for more than just taking P to the vet... (sigh)

Pretty, RIGHT!? so exciting....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got an email this morning from Dr. Grant and his interpretation of P's x-rays.  (ps - how amazing is it that he can be in Germany (giving lectures and doing a few procedures) and still receive, analyze and consult on my little Pia's neck bones!? To think the delay there would have been to get his opinion just 10 years ago...)

Anyway, here's what he had to say:
Received images that are of excellent quality and show a mild kyphosis and borderline narrowing at C3/C4. Needs a myelogram to determine how compressed the spinal cord is and if surgery is indicated.
Kyphosis.  Thanks to Wikipedia I've learned that kyphosis is basically a misalignment of the vertabrea, often leading to hunchback or exaggerated curve of the upper spine.  Hmm

Apparently P's lovely gorgeous "natural topline" is actually a "deformity" (or at least part of it might be...)

(Note the pretty "topline")

(Note the "pretty" topline)

I sorta like the irony of P's pretty, long, archy neck being a mutation. There's something darkly humorous in that...

Anyway, I kept reading and following the links on Wikipedia, and found out that from a medical standpoint, kyphosis can refer to a a few different things:
  • A deformity, where the back is bowed (see kyphosis article for more details)
  • A term describing the normally convex (arched, kyphotic) segments of the spine, also called primary curvatures.
  • When related to a single vertebra, describes the angle created between the superior and inferior endplates.
I think we're probably talking about the last one.. with regard to the endplates, since Dr. Grant and Dr. Fleck both saw only one "instance" of oddity in the x-rays.  We're isolated to the C3/4 joint. So maybe it is in those endplates? I'm no vet, but it sure seems like that could cause some pinchy problems and discomfort farther down her back...

So there we have it, the specialists official opinion.  It's all still consistent with Wobblers Syndrome My current plan is to have a few more conversations about implications and likely outcomes.  The myelogram is not a minimal procedure.  It requires P to be totally knocked out, and for them to monkey around with her spinal cord fluid and whatnot.  I know that its extremely safe, I guess I just want to make sure that we are still moving "forward" and have an excellent chance of learning more information and moving on before I knock my horse out and start sticking needles into her spinal canal.  Measure twice, cut once, you know??

The vet update is our biggest news for the day. I did go play with Pia in the sunshine yesterday.  I've been strongly considering a trailer purchase.  I know its an absurd cost to absorb at the moment.  I mean.. who drops cash on a new trailer when there are multiple vetrinary proceedures (including spinal surgery) on the near horizon?  It seems like now is not the time to go making large purchases.. especially if the "moderate" cost of the basic surgery balloons into something gigantic with complications or something equally unfortunate.

I don't really know what I'm thinking.  I allowed myself to drive out to the barn past one of the big dealers... but at the last moment I had a shred of self control and didn't allow myself to stop and shop.  Not sure where it came from, there certainly was no hint of self control around last night when I found a batch of newly baked cookies in my kitchen and worked my way through most of the container.. oops.

Anyway.  P was cute.  She's still clean (thanks to not replacing her grain-sticky-ball-of-fun-and-mess) and she seemed happy that the sun was out and she could finally peel her blankets off.

We did a little groundwork in the ring before lessons started, and she was being so good I opted to go "halter free" for the last few minutes.  It worked great until Pia noticed that (in preparation for a little show this weekend,) one of the jumps had hay bales under it.  She promptly made a beeline for the jump and proceeded to start dragging the bale around ripping bits and bites from it as she went.

So now I know how much control I have.  She'll stick by my side happily, (walk, stop, turn, spin, etc) unless there is something edible nearby.  It took some serious mane grabbing/neck shoving to get her detattched from the hay bale long enough to re-engage with our groundwork.  Piggie....

Back out to the barn tonight to pat and play and think about the myelogram.  Right now I'm leaning toward doing it, and I think I probably will, but these things deserve consideration...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pia: 1 Grain Ball: 0

It happened.  Pia won.  She finally destroyed her grain-ball-hangy-thing. While I am currently sad that she doesn't have something delicious hanging in her stall that she can fight/play with -  I am NOT missing the sticky grain-ball stamp of molasses all over her face/neck/back/blanket/ears. 

Nice Job Mare.  You showed it who's boss.
(Pia apparently sees no need to pay attention to the back of her stall now that her ball is gone)

In other news, while I was out at the barn yesterday enjoying the grain-ball free mare, I did some ground work and lots of trotting work in hand.  Since I'm still not riding until we know EXACTLY what's going on and can say for sure that riding or being worked won't make anything worse, I figured we can play on the ground a bit. 

We did lots of trot/halt transitions.  For some reason this is wildly entertaining to me, and I think might be the only recorded instance of me "jogging" in recent history.  We also worked on "lateral" stuff.  slowly moving over while moving forward, etc.  I wouldn't call it a "leg yield" but its not too far off.  P is really good about spinning away from me and toward me at the halt, but she has a harder time pay attention to me moving toward/away from her when we are moving.  SO that's a good baby goal for the time being. 

Also, we worked on matching my pace E X A C T L Y.  Instead of just being stopped or moving, I've been asking her to take constant small baby steps when I'm going slow, or big giant walk steps when I go faster.  I've been trying to encourage big walk more than baby jog since I think there's a good chance we might have a long future of handwalking ahead of us.  If rehab is on the horizon I want to be sure our ground manners are TIP TOP before I have to deal with a mare on stall rest who only gets to see the outside world for 10 (calm) minutes at a time.

I know that's getting way ahead of myself, but I am the sort of person who always needs a "goal," even if its a totally depressing one. 

Saturday we did go explore the trail system near the barn, which is less "trail" and more "well maintained gravel road."  So that's a fun option for good long walks if P minds her manners and stops acting like bunnies and birds are going to leap up and eat her.  Since there are lots of bunnies and birdies darting around in the "wilderness."

That's all for now.  Hopefully we hear back from Dr. Grant soon regarding his thoughts on P's x-rays...

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Neck Bone's connected to the.... Neck Bone

Friday was our big Vet Adventure to Rainland Farm for P's x-rays.   The Boy agreed to drive us, and we borrowed a trailer from a friend so we were all set.  Since the vet tech told me that depending on sedation it would be 2-3 hours, I threw all my dirty, dirty tack into the trailer anticipating plenty of time to scrub and tidy while we were there.  It kinda felt like when I would pack text books with me on vacation - part of me "knows" I won't actually get any work done. but just the effort of lugging crap around makes me feel better about not accomplishing something.

Anyway.  P was bathed, clipped and totally primped for her trip by the time The Boy showed up at 10 to hitch up the trailer. 

Side note: Some of the biggest fights of my adolescent life include the enormous stress of trailering with my father.  He's a great driver, and totally dragged me everyone I needed to go, but the process of attempt to hitch the trailer, and more so the exceptionally difficult parking the trailer in its shed (only 3" wider than the trailer itself) led to some less than ideal outbursts from my teenaged self.  Add to that the fact that I never seemed to have a horse that willingly entered a trailer and it was a recipe for disaster.  Tears, frustration, arguments (with horse and father) all have resulted in an elevated stress level when I start prepping for a haul. 
You can imagine my delight then, when the Boy hitched up by himself (no bizarre hand signals necessary), and on the first try no less, then proceeded to back the trailer into the arena and manuver around jumps that were set up.  I offered to break them down and clear a straight path, but apparently he didn't need it.  Even in reverse.

The positive vibe kept rocking and rolling when P (decked out in her traveling finery) sniffed the trailer once then just strolled in and started munching on hay.  No freakouts, no half-in/half-out panic. no stomping.  Just one small discussion about moving her butt over far enough to get the divider latched. 

Though I managed to direct the Boy down two wrong turns (small private drives, whoops), I reamined impressed with his (relaxed) ability to impressively turn around withough damaging the truck, trailer, horse or anyone's lawn.

When we did finally unload, I shoved P into a stall and waited for more instructions.  I was expecting some discussion, but mostly it was "ok, thanks, you can go pick up lunch for yourself now, see you later!"

uhhhhh, k, bye?

At least it was warm and sunny. So we snacked away in the sunshine and watched Dr. Fleck's daughter work all of her cute perky jumpers over big, pretty jumps.  Obviously, I didn't touch a single piece of my dirty tack.  oh well.

After exactly 2-3 hours, P popped out of imaging and was working off the tranquilizer in her little hospital stall.  I reviews the xrays with Dr Fleck, and realized just how murky and fuzzy this process is going to be.  Fleck thinks there's an abnormality between the C3 and C4 vertabrea, though the x-rays are hard to interpret so we are sending the images to Dr Grant (Global Wobbler expert) for his consult. 

Fleck gave me a CD with the x-rays, but I cannot get them to load, so they aren't posted yet.  But I'm working on it.  Her big chubby neck bones are sorta strange to look at. 

I let P doze until her drugs wore off, then it was back into the trailer for the trip home.  Time for more "wait and see" but at least we are making progress.  The only definitive answer that we got was that her blood work is totally clean.  Not even that weird "false" positive for EPM.  I guess its nice to rule out any viral options, but part of me wonders if that would have been a simpler diagnosis.

I left Fleck's feeling really good and like we were at least making progress.  I'm feeling informed and comfortable with the next steps (myelogram and surgery) if they are necessary.  A lot of my comfort was stemming from the fact that a) I don't mind rehabbing horses and b) I have $$ stashed away for these situations and am comfortable spending it. 

But driving home (in traffic) I had a huge ah-ha moment.  What if surgery is risky. What if Dr Grant says she's not a good candidate. What do I do if there's nothing that can be done? what do I do if Dr Grant advises against further treatment and against her being a riding horse?

I realized that I am totally mentally prepared to spend time and money on Pia to get her better and fully functional, but I also realized that I have not in any way prepared for any other outcome.  I haven't thought about what risk level I'm willing to put her through or what happens if we get to a "no good option" scenario.  Obviously if for some reason surgery has a high risk factor or isn't likely to improve her situation at all, I wouldn't pursue it... but what then? You don't breed something with spinal issues. Her condition may worsen, but in theory she's not in pain yet.  What do you do with a 6 year old happy horse that can't do anything?

And how (pray tell) did I get this far along without thinking about those options, since they seem somewhat likely.

Lots to think about.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ok. So after a tantrum reminicent of a three year old with an ear ache, I seem to have sorted out the vet situation.  We are on for tomorrow (phew), just pushed back a few hours.

In the mean time I've been getting my ride time in on Charlie (a stout MORAB) and Macy (a cute, leggy QH).  They are both cute and fun.  Not as sassy as miss P, but hey  - she's one of a kind. :)

here's quick vid of my last ride on Macy

She's only 4, but she's super sweet and very straight forward.  What a doll. 

Ok, so on my to do list is to head to the barn, pressure wash the granola chunks off Pia and spruce her up for her big trip tomorrow (not sure why I'm obsessed with always turning horses out nicely, but I am).  then a quick lesson on Charlie in preperation for our debut in the Long Stirrup Division at a "C" show next weekend.  Nothing looks more elegant  than a 5'1"" rider on a fat pony.... we might not win any classes on looks, but I think assuming that Charlie behaves and goes OVER the jumps, we have a shot in our Eq class (if I ever raise my hands up to a reasonable position...).

Ta-Da! So glad things are progressing... can't wait to hear what the vet says tomorrow.

Pia says" Waaaaaaaaaaaaat, why are you hosing my knee? give me that nozzle, I'll eat it"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vet Vent

I am currently steaming. Irrationally, emotionally steaming. 

For our field trip on Friday to the vet I've been hunting for friends' trailers that I can borrow for the day, which has proved more difficult than it was 15 years ago when everyone had a crappy 2 horse trailer and suburban to tow it around with. 

ANYWAY, a generous friend has a rig we can borrow, but in commincating nicely with my vet she mentioned that she herself was unable to drive me Friday (enter our plan for me to borrow her rig, and drive it myself).  Unfortunately the vet took this to mean that I would not be coming and without any communication with me canceled my appointment and BOOKED SOMEONE ELSE.


Can anyone tell me why it would ever be appropriate to assume that I would be canceling, let alone to do so without calling ME!?  I'm furious, I"m frustrated and I'm so sick of being calm and patient about what all of this means for Pia I'm going to explode. 

Next week sucks for me, I've got sales calls and manager meetings back to back, and I was so happy that I cleared Friday enough that I can be away from the office all day no problem.  But of course that doesn't matter now. 

To top it all off the vet's admin was all bitchy and mean like this was somehow my fault and not hers for scheduling my appointment and plans around someone else.  When I asked "when she would know" whether or not we would still get in on friday she sighed heavily and acted like I was asking her to count the god damn stars in the sky.  Apparently she has to call a few people and "see if they can rearrange to accommodate me."

Yeah, do that. OR why don't you just cancel their appointments too!?  since that seems to be the move du jour.

God I'm in a foul mood.  Maybe it'd because multiple people have been telling me to just give up and put Pia out to pasture.  No one seems to understand why I would want extensive diagnostics, let alone surgery for a horse that a) I have barely owned and b) that I "don't plan to do much with." 

I guess I didn't realize that having ambitious competition goals was a prerequisite for investing in the health and comfort of your horse.   I cannot believe how alone I feel on this.  and I STILL haven't heard back on blood or seen conclusive xrays. 

This is going to be so much harder than I thought....

Oh and to top it all off, while I was giving P her daily spa (since hot towels are needed to remove the granola-ball-goo from her face/neck/ears/back/nose) I noticed that she skinned her knee.  Seemed weird since she's never done that before, and it's not like there are a lot of things for her to bang it on.  The joint had some heat so I cold hosed and gave her some bute.  It was cool the next morning, but warm again last night so more hosing and more bute.  I'm thinking maybe she stuck it through a fence and twisted it? or fell because she's a LEVEL 3 WOBBLER.  Who knows.  She's not favoring it at the walk, but she definitely rests it when she's just standing.  I was thinking that at least we would be at the vet on friday if it wasn't getting better... but apparently not.

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