Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vet Vent

I am currently steaming. Irrationally, emotionally steaming. 

For our field trip on Friday to the vet I've been hunting for friends' trailers that I can borrow for the day, which has proved more difficult than it was 15 years ago when everyone had a crappy 2 horse trailer and suburban to tow it around with. 

ANYWAY, a generous friend has a rig we can borrow, but in commincating nicely with my vet she mentioned that she herself was unable to drive me Friday (enter our plan for me to borrow her rig, and drive it myself).  Unfortunately the vet took this to mean that I would not be coming and without any communication with me canceled my appointment and BOOKED SOMEONE ELSE.


Can anyone tell me why it would ever be appropriate to assume that I would be canceling, let alone to do so without calling ME!?  I'm furious, I"m frustrated and I'm so sick of being calm and patient about what all of this means for Pia I'm going to explode. 

Next week sucks for me, I've got sales calls and manager meetings back to back, and I was so happy that I cleared Friday enough that I can be away from the office all day no problem.  But of course that doesn't matter now. 

To top it all off the vet's admin was all bitchy and mean like this was somehow my fault and not hers for scheduling my appointment and plans around someone else.  When I asked "when she would know" whether or not we would still get in on friday she sighed heavily and acted like I was asking her to count the god damn stars in the sky.  Apparently she has to call a few people and "see if they can rearrange to accommodate me."

Yeah, do that. OR why don't you just cancel their appointments too!?  since that seems to be the move du jour.

God I'm in a foul mood.  Maybe it'd because multiple people have been telling me to just give up and put Pia out to pasture.  No one seems to understand why I would want extensive diagnostics, let alone surgery for a horse that a) I have barely owned and b) that I "don't plan to do much with." 

I guess I didn't realize that having ambitious competition goals was a prerequisite for investing in the health and comfort of your horse.   I cannot believe how alone I feel on this.  and I STILL haven't heard back on blood or seen conclusive xrays. 

This is going to be so much harder than I thought....

Oh and to top it all off, while I was giving P her daily spa (since hot towels are needed to remove the granola-ball-goo from her face/neck/ears/back/nose) I noticed that she skinned her knee.  Seemed weird since she's never done that before, and it's not like there are a lot of things for her to bang it on.  The joint had some heat so I cold hosed and gave her some bute.  It was cool the next morning, but warm again last night so more hosing and more bute.  I'm thinking maybe she stuck it through a fence and twisted it? or fell because she's a LEVEL 3 WOBBLER.  Who knows.  She's not favoring it at the walk, but she definitely rests it when she's just standing.  I was thinking that at least we would be at the vet on friday if it wasn't getting better... but apparently not.


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