Friday, May 21, 2010

The big dig.

Pia is a motivated and fairly efficient animal.  She powers through Likits in approximately 3 hours, demolishes granola balls in a matter of days (not months or years like some horses), pops "unpoppable" toys, and apparently is digging a tunnel. 

Where to? you ask? who the hell knows.  Current theories include:

a) to see her "goat" Charlie in the stall next door.  This is a good theory as she LOVES her goat, but she's not digging toward him...  though its possible that "wobbler syndrome" has affected her internal compass, so maybe she doesn't know that she's headed the wrong way....

b) to freedom.  Maybe Pia wants to run wild with the pumas of Tiger Mountain.  She'd probably hunt things in a pack if she could.  sometimes I think she might be hunting me...

c) to her trailer! I think she might know there's a new toy outside that she hasn't gotten to play with/sit in/chew on yet, and she's eager to attempt some sort of destruction on it. 

Really, who knows.  All I know is that there is a massive crater in her stall and gravel strewn everywhere (even found some rocks in her water bucket today... explain THAT one...)
She's definitely making progress, I'll report back once she shows some purpose with her hole. She's very proud of it.

I think though, that hole digging might slow down now that she's got a replacement granola ball that needs to be thoroughly chomped, licked and otherwise attacked before any other "improvements" are made to her surroundings. 

However, she does seem to be staying somewhat cleaner than she did with the first ball, maybe she's got a new strategy that involves less hot-sticky-mess-mare and more quiet enjoyment.  I'm not holding my breath...

Not much else planned for the weekend.  My Grandmom is visiting from Wisconsin, and she has lots of pretty arabian ponies out there so I'm sure we'll have some nice barn time.  Hopefully Pia doesn't look like a dirty gelding by the time I try to show her off...

Happy Friday!

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