Monday, May 24, 2010

June 10th!

That's our myelogram date! I'm sure P couldn't care less, but I'm excited to finally have a date on the books.  Once again I got annoyed by the scheduling process (which included a commanding phone call "informing me" that our appointment was this Friday. Neato, I'll be on a plane to Boston... ). I think we sorted it out though and after some back and forth, managed to land on June 10th as a "no reason to panic" and "not too far away" option.  I was tempted to try and figure out a way to get Pia there this week, but ultimately I took S's advice and decided that the mare having a spinal tap while I'm 3,000 miles away at a wedding would be stressful and worrisome. Also, I would have had to pay for double board and extend P's visit until I get back next Wednesday... All in all not ideal.  So the 10th is a much better option

Additionally, I'm relieved that the farrier has finally reappeared after dropping off the face of the earth and (by my count) ignoring approximately 43 increasingly upset/annoyed voicemails from me.  I'm glad he's back and ready to do Pia's toes this week.  AND since she probably needs to be barefoot for the myelogram, so I'm excited to see what happens when we pull the shoes.  Pia got a nice fresh hot shoeing last time.. so hopefully her feet are semi prepared for nakedness... we shall see

I would love to be able to leave her barefoot while she's laid up.  For one thing, I like barefoot horses if they have the hoof for it, and for another, I can redirect the difference in her farrier bills to things like treats, and more granola balls.  But if we have to smack shoes back on after the myelogram, that's fine too.  And I'll probably buy her lots of treats anyway.  cause I'm a sucker like that.

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