Friday, May 14, 2010

Vet Update..

The horse gods have a semi cruel sense of humor about things.

They must have heard me writing the check for the trailer because, (of course) no sooner had I dispensed with a large amount of cash, than the vet decides to give me a ring and discuss "next steps" and costs estimates.

I know the trailer check came from a separate fund than the "vet bills" will but still lots of dollars discussed in a very brief window of time.  I've been very careful to make sure that any extra purchases or planned costs will not in any way impact my ability to pay for surgery or whatever else this horsey needs. 

Dr Fleck basically was just calling to check in and rehash what Dr. Grant saw on the x-rays.  No shocking new news.  Next step is still a myelogram (a bargain at only $1,200!) prior to determining the necessity of surgery and how effective it will or won't be. The myelogram itself is fairly involved and will probably require P to stay at the hospital for a night or two.  The wikipedia article makes it sound terrifying and slightly barbaric, but Dr. Fleck assured me that it gives a better image than an MRI for the entire cord... blegh.

(Image on top is a myelogram showing a compression, the one on the bottom shows the fused basket and compression relief.. Pia's will supposedly look similar)

THEN we'll schedule with Dr. Grant, have him consult on the myelogram and potentially plan for surgery ($10-12k).  Apparently a big chunk of that is Grant's travel, time and shipping his equipment up..  oh GOODIE.

At least P will be traveling in style for her adventures?

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