Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet Quiz! (and a naming contest)

It's been really, really, really hard not to jump the gun on this, but meet Quiz!

Picture already shared.  Need more stat.

Quiz is the aforementioned Brown Brad, a 5 year old cute gelding by Quadroneur (drool).

Much like Windsor - (while adorable) he appears to be far too chill (and slow) to really excel in Europe as a Jumper.  Fortunately for Quiz, he's cute as hell, trots like he's on a cloud, and I think will make one heck of a fancy little Hunter stateside.

I have always coveted liver chestnuts, and also the Quaterback lineage, so I'm just giddy as all get out at the prospect of finding both in Quiz. 

Quiz lacks the significant resume that Windsor had (no world championships for this guy), but he's only 5, and while he has shown, 1.10m is the extent of his experience at this point. 

What I really like about Quiz other than his color (and his daddy, and his trot..) is that he appears to have a very Windsor-esque brain.  Very chill, not in a rush to get anywhere and very unconcerned about where you pilot him to in front of a fence.  Chip in? Leave long? NBD.  We'll just lope around and figure it out later....


His classy good looks are just some really, really nice icing on a lovely liver chestnut cake. 

The wire has been sent, and his ticket is currently being booked.  Fingers crossed he gets here soon!!

Without further ado, some video.  Please note, this boy is in steel.  Swoon. 

The plan will be to get him out right away, (likely in August at Thunderbird) and see how he handles life as a Hunter.  Part of my agreement with The Husband is that this horse (unlike Winds) will always be for sale.  I hope I get to enjoy him for a while before someone snatches him away, but make no mistake - I have my Windsy, and while I'd love to have two - I will definitely allow another ammy to find theirs if the situation presents itself.

Anyway, the second order of business is that this thing needs a USEF name.  He is literally registered as just "Quiz," which I think is cute and will definitely keep for his barn name.  But he needs a big boy name for the show ring.

I already have a short list of favorites, but since none of them are perfection, I'm going to mine the blog-hive and see if you guys can top it.  (which, very likely).

Here are the guidelines:

1) start with a Q.
2) Sound like a regal, fancy, calm Hunter.
3) Don't be something that USEF has a ton of (Quiescence, Quintessential, Quixote, etc). 
4) I am open to creative spelling (Qredit is an example), but bear in mind ease of announcer pronunciation.
5) bonus points if it ties into Heir Apparent/Windsor.  I love a theme!

If I end up using your suggestion I will get you a $50 gift certificate to the online tack store of choice (Dover, SmartPak, RH, etc.).  If I stick with one of my picks, I get the gift cert (lol).

The "contest" is open until I actually register the beast.

Sound good? 



  1. Quadrophenia. Yes, a Who fan here.

  2. Quart Jester or Qort Jester

    And congratulations, he looks awesome

    1. Yes! Quartermaster was one of my top 3 :) I love it too. Quart Jester is great too!

  3. My first horse was a Q horse... he was Quincy! But actually I think Quincy is a terrible name so I don't recommend it lol!

  4. Replies
    1. Omg- someone suggested this- literally Heir Apparent... extra points for that!

  5. Lovely! Super intirgued to know about how you found him? Did you go back to Europe? Or use the same agent that helped you with windsy and go sight unseen (in person)?

    For tying in with Heir Apparent what about Qeeper (Keeper), Quality Time, Quite Unique... Need to think on it!
    Q is hard but I am sure whatever you end up with will be awesome.

  6. I would suggest Qrysler - a big slow moving luxury car - for a luxurious hunter ride! Check out the Windsor model ;) What a cutie pie - he looks like he will be a ton of fun!

  7. Belatedly playing catch up, I've been really bad at blogging/reading recently but had to come see you guys out after the Instagram video 😍😍😍😍

  8. What a beautiful boy! Congratulations! I came across Quintus - a Roman name literally meaning "fifth" in Latin. I thought it was fitting as he will be the 5th horse on your blog :) For something a little more regal sounding, the name Quintillus is drived from the same word.

  9. Quest for Greatness

    He's so handsome!

  10. Wow you are filling the barn with sexy beasts!!! Congrats!

  11. Quantum Leap
    Qrown Jewel (he's a brown jewel...)
    Quiet Ryett
    Question Authority


    Betsy in WI

  12. Congrats on the new horse. He's certainly very pretty. I like Quizzical, Quiz Master, Qrown Royal, Qrest of Arms, Quest of Honor.

  13. He is stunning! What about Querulous or Querulant? Since it kind of goes with his barn name.

  14. Quenya
    Hildi for follower or successor. Hildi is a language from northern Nigeria.

  15. Wow! What a mover! <3 <3 Congrats on your purchase!

    Quibbler (if you're a Harry Potter fan)
    Quinine or Quinquina (if you're a drinker)

  16. What about Conquiztador (doesn't start with a q, but has 'quiz' in it).

    Other options
    Queen's Ransom
    Qourt Prince
    Qourt Royal
    Qourt Appointed

    He is beautiful!

  17. What a lovely horse! I have a weakness for liver chestnuts.

    Qomeback Kid
    Quest For The Grail
    Quiz Kid
    Quality Time
    Quality Appeal
    Que Sera Sera
    Question Mark
    Qing of Hearts

  18. Oh you and your sexy Brads. Congrats.

  19. Quetzalcoatl
    The Aztec god of wind (sort of ties into Windsor) and learning.


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