Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Thunderbird, the first

Apparently I never actually posted this from back in April - I am starting to write up a Derby Summary post, but might as well toss this up in the meantime.

We are planning to spend *most* of our season up at Thunderbird this year, so I'll have to start naming posts something other than "thunderbird."  

But I gotta say, it's hard not to show there.  The facilities are impeccable, the rings are big and beautiful and well maintained.  The jumps are built to the hilt, and the staff are all NICE and accessible.  It's hard to fault them for much.  

Oh, and everything is in CAD, which means its showing at a 20% (ish) discount.  Sold. 

Our April outing was one for the books.  Quiz nearly swept his Green Division and was Champion.  I was WAY better on Winds and managed to not only lead my first jog ever, but snagged my first championship at 3'.  Quiz had his Derby debut and won it.  And Winds galloped around the Big(ger) Derby track for the first time with a respectable 4th place finish.

Also, somehow a week of supposedly very rainy weather, turned into pleasant sun and clouds and we didn't get a raindrop on us once.  

Quiz is looking like an entirely different horse than he did down in Cali.  It's like we came home, schooled some gymnastics and all the sudden he figured out how to Hunter.  He's lifting his shoulders, following the rein over jumps and keeping his balance and collection with minimal effort.  It's so cool to see, and so gorgeous to watch.  He's a good egg.

Winds made it clear I need to work on stay straight and really coming forward through my corners.  But he gets credit for rewarding me with a great adjustable canter and solid rhythm when I do.

on to the next!

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