Friday, October 10, 2014

You're HIRED

In my baby brain stupor I totally forgot to mention that Gus passed his job interview and is officially a working career man.  He is currently enjoying a full time job in the therapeutic riding program where he lives. 

So far the reports are glowing.  The kids and adults in the program adore him (obviously), the volunteers love working with him, and the trainers and staff think he's just the neatest horse ever. 

Clearly Gus approves of all the attention and adoration and seems to be taking it stride.  Currently he's just being used in walk/trot sessions which is probably a good, sustainable plan for him. 

He is taking his duties very seriously and seems to think that the extra energy required of him is worth all the extra hugs and kisses he's getting in return. 

More to come on the adventures of Gus as he climbs the corporate (or not so corporate, really) ladder in his new career :)

paychecks, err, treats go here.


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