Thursday, October 23, 2014

Swing, swing, swing

Prair's trot (all 10 min of it) is feeling over the top amazing this week.

I haven't felt any of those clunky crunchy steps at all, and she's really working well into the outside rein.

Like, better than I remember her ever working into the outside rein before.

She's always respected the outside rein - but this week there's been a whole new level of inside-leg-to-outside-rein-ness. And it's waaaay too much fun to ride.

I just sit tall, nudge with the inside calf - and she literally lifts and holds into the outside aids. Her back feels like it raises about 8" and curls around that leg and her withers get all big and melty. It's like riding a big, giant stick of butter.

For ten minutes.

Then we go back to walking in circles forever.

(Mare Butter. Although she looks oddly tiny and her legs look wonky in this pic..)

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