Monday, June 28, 2010

Countdown is on...

So, T-2 days until P returns for her second Myelogram.. (Insert angry sigh here..).  She's doing great, which makes me all the more annoyed we're repeating this process. 

Small successes in the last week include:
  • Improved attitude - I think she's responding REALLY nicely to the "tranquility" supplement I threw her on.. ( 
  • We look pretty. (very clean)
  • We haven't demolished our new stall (finally moved out of the crater, so as to prevent additional destruction).  So far Miss P hasn't annihilated her new surroundings.  plus the one stall move has improved her view slightly and has more light.
  • Ground Manners - we've been doing lots of groundwork (fun!), in an attempt to be perfectly behaved for our videotaped nero exam.  Trotting has improved... we can now trot for 2 minutes at a time without getting all excitable. 
  • Hooves still look good! we need a trim (I'm investigating barefoot farriers who specialize in this..) but I'm really pleases that they haven't been splitting.  Plus, her sole looks GREAT and our front frogs are big and wide and lovely. 
 Small "Setbacks" include:
  • Inability to focus on ANYTHING aside from the new rescue gelding next door.  This includes a constant nose over the wall, attempting to climb the wall, and constant nickering.
  • in SERIOUS heat. this might be contributing to the gelding obsessions, but its definitely contributing to our squealing.
  • Total groundwork fail.  Yesterday while working on our calm jogging, P did some lovely aires above ground, which nearly decapitated a trainer and manged to totally terrify a few parents.  She is really good at keeping her head by me and the lead loose, so that's nice.  But I do wish she'd keep her toes on the ground.
All in all, we're doing well.  I just heard that the second procedure should only run about 40% of the first round, so that's helpful and not too terrible.

More info later!

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