Monday, June 7, 2010


It has come to my attention that all of my animals are fairly badly behaved.  Adorable, yes. But spoiled and bratty.

Yesterday I went to go see the mare with the intent of scrubbing her clean for her trip to the spa (/vet), but it was so gross and rainy, I spared her the soak and instead just groomed her up and pinched her face (lovingly).

I took the dog with me, and even though she doesn't really look like a "barn dog," Maisy is usually content just sitting in the tack room or on a bale of hay or in a stall.  And she does a damn good job of not getting stepped on/covered in mud/or hunting for poop.

Yesterday, apparently was a total exception.  A nice new boarder was chatting with me about vets and farriers and the general "how did you grow up horsey" getting to know you schpeal... apparently I was totally immersed in conversation when I looked up and realized that my dog was circling around like she was about to poop in the hay.  I yelled and chased her out of the hay - and into the mud. 

Great. mud up to her little blond armpits. perfect.

Just as I was moving to pick her up and remove her from the tiger mountain tar pits, Pia decided it was time to untie herself and start wandering toward the hayloft, but don't worry, she kept her lead rope in her mouth.  Like a little walk she was taking herself on.  REALLY MARE.

So I dropped the dog, grabbed the horse, reattached her to the wall and returned to my conversation. Until the dog darted INTO the arena (not really bad except she has no concept that legs and hooves are attached to the giant head and nose) and she starts scampering around like an idiot and refusing to be caught.  spectacular. 

Just about the time I retrieve the dog and LEASH her to a post, Pia decides that she is entirely over standing in the aisle and begins pawing/snorting/hiccuping/biting at anything within pawing/snorting/hiccuping/biting distance. 

Bad children. bad, dirty, sticky, muddy children.

I think P is starting to get fed up at the no riding and restricted turnout game.  I don't blame her but it isn't exactly making me look forward to the recovery process...

Maisy has no excuses, aside from her total lack of survival skills and brain.

Good thing they are both cute as hell.

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  1. Your dog is the cutest thing EVER!! I want a French Bulldog. Glad to hear that someone else has to suffer with a super smart mare. ;0)


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