Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well apparently Pia pulled out of the anesthesia and everything just dandily and my Doc said that there was no reason for her to stay the weekend.  I felt a smidge of guilt about dumping her back at home (since I had just spent several days convincing myself it would be better for her to be at the clinic), but ulitamtely I was glad to hear that there were no reservations whatsoever about letting miss mare check out.

It's a good thing we decided to get her, since when we pulled in to pick her up at 4:30pm on a Friday, she was the only one left in the hospital barn.  I'm not saying that P is codependent, but she was all sorts of riled up about being alone and had done quite the number on her lovely (large) box stall in an attempt to dig/climb/chew her way out to get closer to her friends. Apparently the codependent princess had only been alone about an hour, but she was raging hot, soaked in sweat and popping veins out everywhere.  I'm glad she wasn't pacing like that all weekend. I mean, it's a great regime for weight loss, which isn't a tragic thing for Pia at the moment, but not necessary, and probably not super comfortable for her after the whole spinal tapping process.

Once we were outside walking around, P calmed right down, which made me feel better about her anxiety stemming from her social issues and not from the pain/aftermath of her brain being shot full with radioactive dye.  :)

(P's four star accommodations... If I were her I might have faked a seizure in order to stay longer, though I'm sure she didn't appreciate the padded surgical suite as much I did....)

Anyway, I conned the office manager into giving me another CD of Pia's x-rays, and while I watched her load the images on her computer, my machine still refuses to show me the pics under any circumstances.  So that fight continues, but presumably we'll be able to see those someday.  Also, hopefully the myelogram images.  But those apparently were too much to ask for.

Once P cooled off I wrapped her up and got her ready for the ride home.  Aside from her sweat, she looked pretty good.  Just a neck puncture for her IV site, and a very close shave on her bridle path/crest to accommodate the spinal tap.  Cried a mmall tear for the fact that they removed some of her (already) meager forelock, but other than some dried blood and bruising, her head looked great.  Our only complication came from the fact that Pia instantly wanted to scratch her head/tap site on EVERYTHING.  Me, the trailer, her hay net, her divider, the drop down window, me, the trailer, me.... you know.

The enthusiastic itching made it slightly challenging to get her situated in the trailer, but the Boy helped and we got her locked and loaded.  Smooth easy ride, and a quick unload at home to a clean stall and comfortable surroundings. 

I did feel a little bad about going out of town for saturdya and sunday, but P looked fine and I left my number should anything seem funky. Fortunately there was no change in her "perfect" state, and today I go back out to pat her on the face and give her some time to run the ring.  Her poll area is supposed to be tender for the next week or so, but I"m crossing my fingers that we'll get cleared for light hacking and trail riding.  I'm feeling rested and relaxed after a weekend at my cabin, and hopefully P is feeling the same. 

xrays, check.
myelogram, check....

Now onwards with a firm diagnosis and committing to whether or not surgery is our final decision....

ps- I'm sure if P saw the sunshine and water up at the cabin this weekend.. she would have understood if I forgot to come home.. sigh. maybe someday she'll go for a visit and a swim up there with me. :)

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