Monday, June 21, 2010

Round Two... FIGHT

Wow, sorry for the radio silence.  Work has been crazy/I've been traveling which means I can't procrastinate at my desk by writing blog posts.  I can't believe there are people who actually blog "on their own time."  I swear, if I didn't pay my bills, do my shopping and write my blog at work... none of those things would ever get done!

But I digress...

Myelogram round 2 is scheduled.  July 1st.  P gets to go a night early again on the 30th, then hopefully it'll go smoothly again and she'll come home on the 2nd just in time for the holiday weekend.   Oh horse.  I'm sorry.

We have to give it at least 2 weeks so that a) Pias needle wounds heal, b) she recovers completely from the anesthesia and c) her spinal fluid is normal before we freak it out again.

I'm taking comfort in the fact that things went so smoothly the first time, and I'm hoping its indicative of her general response to the dye and anesthesia.  Thank god she didn't have any questionable allergic reactions that we would have to anticipate...

They've assured me that the cost will be "less" than before, but I still don't really know if that's $10 less, or $1000 less.  Who knows. I'm so frustrated and annoyed at the fact they didn't get this right the first time that it doesn't even matter..  All i know is that I keep sticking my grubby little hands in the "new saddle" jar to steal funds for fun things like extra myelograms instead. What fun!

Even lamer is the fact that the "imaging" software reader for P's xrays and first myelogram won't flipping work on any single computer owned by me, my techy brother or my company.  So as far as I can tell, none of these images actually exist. 

This week sucks in terms of quality time with the mare.  I'm traveling and stuck in meetings and whatnot most nights, which means that P's nose is going to be COVERED in sticky-ball-treat goo, and her stall isn't going to get its extra cleanings that I like to provide.

Oh, we did get cleared for "light lunging." which was supposed to mean walk trot, but ended up meaning gallop/buck/snort/turn/run/idiot dance for like 20 minutes.  Poor thing, she just wants to work and run. :(


  1. hey! Are you taking her to Pilchuck? Denali goes on the 30th and has surgery on the 1st and home on the 2nd too!! Maybe they'll be neighbors? :) If you see a horse with her ears pinned and trying to kill any other horse that walks near her that is Denali! I know your thoughts on blogging. I usually do it on my lunch break or at night when I am procrastinating at doing house work!

  2. She's going to Rainlaind... though if we have to do another round of this, she'll be going somewhere else..:)
    That's too funny that D will be getting her spaaaa treatment the same day! its too bad they couldn't be nervous/angry barn buddies for it..

  3. Yeah, too bad! It would have been fun to meet Pia in person (horse?) Good luck to you!!


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