Thursday, June 10, 2010

Myelogram Success...

Yesterday I grabbed P, shoved her in the trailer (literally shoved, that mare is thick). and took her to the clinic for her myelogram (er, spaaah) treatment.  She objected to her leg wraps, but loaded like a dream and hauled just dandy.  Once we got there, she walked around like she owned the place and settled nicely into a hospital stall.  I like the fact that she's an easy traveler.  She peed, pooped, ate and drank within about ohhhh two minutes of being in her stall.  Good indications for any possible shows or clinics or whatever in the future.  I literally caught myself thinking "dang, if we were hauling in for an event right now, I would be feeling really good about leaving her to go get dinner and think about our dressage ride.."

There was a brief moment of disappointment when my "reality brain" clicked back on and told me to shut up and just hope for a good, easy spinal tap and myelogram...  Not nearly as fun or exciting as thinking about future plans, but definitely more pragmatic and necessary given the current schedule of events.

P made friends with her neighbor (a large sedated gelding in for some hoof surgery) and immediately set about pinning her ears at the Jack Russel puppies that were scampering around in front of her stall.

I'm out of town this weekend, which means if Pia isn't ready to come home on Friday, she'll have to stay until Monday. Consequently I had to pack for a possible five night stay and brought a few more "supplies" than they were expecting for a two, maybe three night visit - Sheet, Blanket, Treats, Grain Bins (a whole TOWER of meals..), Beet Pulp and Lotion for her lucky-knees just in case the skin gets dry... 

Over-protective much???     Maybe.  But the poor thing is getting her spinal fluid drained and the least I could do was make sure she doesn't get itchy dry skin... right??

Anyway, once everyone seemed annoyed that I was still lurking around and I had clearly run out of questions I kissed the mare and headed home. 

I didn't hear anything from the Vet until today about 1pm, when he called to say that the princess was all done, and awake and eating and drinking again (surprise, surprise..).  Apparently it all went really well- he got some great images and already sent them to the surgeon for consult.  I asked what he thought about her recovery and he seemed fairly confident that Pia should be ready to come home tomorrow, which made me relax a little.

Then he mentioned that he just likes to keep them because "sometimes they have massive seizures" as a reaction to the whole spinal tap process. 

Seizures. Neat.  Hmm.

Something tells me that I would rather pay for three extra days at the fancy vet clinic this weekend while I'm gone, than pick her up and take her home where she could seize for hours before anyone noticed... Not that I have any issues with the care she gets at home, but still.  I mean, if complications or issues are at all still a reasonable possibility, that mare is extending her vacation and staying for the weekend, no buts about it.

For the moment, I'm trying to enjoy the fact that she is upright and breathing after full anesthesia.  That seems like something to celebrate.

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