Friday, June 4, 2010


I was so excited to get out to the barn to love on P and check our her new barefoot toes and take photographic evidence of their shape/condition/etc. 

But, of course, I whipped my camera out of my bag, only to realize that its completely dead from the east coast swing, and I'm sick of taking crappy pictures of the mare with my iPhone.

THEN, I went to grab Pia out of her stall and examine the new feet thinking "oh well, I'll just clean her up and take pictures on Friday" when I realized that she still had shoes on.  I thought it was possible my email/texts  got to S after farrier was out there, but then I looked at her hind feet, which are ALL TOE. ALL TOE. no trimming has been done.

My heart sank a little since the P is now 3 weeks overdue (don't get me started), and we're trying to shorten her hind toes anyway (remember the "flipper" diagnosis??).  Plus, between the Wobblers and her not getting ridden her back is all sorts of tight and locked up and I'm sure that poking around and extra long feet is NOT helping our situation. 

So now I'm all atwitter.  Current farrier (who is GREAT if he ever shows up) is totally MIA again, the other farrier at the barn trims everyone really tight and they look like crippled little quarter horses from the 80's, and my farrier from back in the day when I had other horses is out of the area. ARGH. 

So, now the hunt is on for a) someone I trust. b) someone who is good and c) someone willing to come all the way out just for one horse.  I've left messages this morning but I'm starting to feel like I'm neglecting my horse and its making me nauseous.  Plus I'm anxious.  Those shoes need to be gone by Wednesday when the mare will be hooves up on a table getting her pictures taken of her spinal cord. 
Because the thought of that isn't scary enough for next week... I'm sure I'm overreacting, and just feeling anxious and the need to get everything as ready as possible, but still, THREE WEEKS.  Poor mare face.  She needs her toes done. now.

Back out tonight. Pia needs more food (as always), and I just want to love on her.  Also, just a heads up - If I am able to watch the myelogram at all, I might actually throw up at the sight of my horse going down under anesthesia.  I've only seen it once, and I'm pretty sure I didn't handle it well then either...

If nothing else, this weekend will bring some serious grooming time, a nice walk on the trails and (hopefully) new toes.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I don't know who your farrier is, or where your located, but I know of two amazing ones!! One is my current farrier and the other one is my old farrier (and the only reason I switched is because I went with the farrier that my whold barn uses and LOVE him!) Let me know if you want numbers and where you're located.

  2. Would love numbers! thanks! I'm out at a small barn off Tiger Mountain. It's actually really easy to get to, but it means someone has to be in that Issaquah/Hobart area and not tootling around Woodinville...

    And yes, Miss Pia is very pretty, right now its her best redeeming quality. Though if she keeps rubbing her tail she's going to lose pretty-points.... ;)

  3. From my friend:

    His name is dave bradshaw 425-210-2450. He doesnt typically. Do issaquah too much but it might make it worth his while since he comes down for me if your friend and i could get on the same schedule then since hes down there. Tell your friend to let him know i referred them. He does hot shoes and has turned specias feet around 10,000 percent. I wont let anyone else touch her feet. e-mail me at and I'll give you her name. :)

    I like my farrier, and I'll ask if he comes that far south. He's awesome too!! Also, Lisa Fite, she's amazing!!

  4. I've used Lisa Fite... Sort of..
    She was always either late (up to 3 hours) or she just wouldn't show up at all, no call either. When you called her about it there was no apology or anything, if you re-scheduled it was the same hit-or-miss when trying to get her.
    WHEN she DID decide to come out she is either overly nice and will feed your horse a TON of treats and even reinforce bad mouthy behavior or overly harsh with the horse and hit them for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.
    My horse slightly moved hardly turning her neck and head and she smacked her!? WHAT, is my horse not allowed to see what you are doing or look at anything?
    Or my horse SHIFTED HER WEIGHT when she was grabbing a different tool and she hit her again?? Is she not allowed to shift her weight to balance better when you ARE NOT EVEN holding her hooves/underneath her?! When else is she supposed to do re-balance?!

    All in all:
    As a person, and as a professional, I would not suggest Lisa Fite. At all.
    But, her end product/trim is good.


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