Thursday, June 10, 2010


At long last! pictures! It's been so hard to remember to document Miss P without being under saddle that it literally took Danielle driving through a rainstorm to bring her camera and snap some pics... Here's a couple highlights from P's photo shoot the other night...

First we got a bath.  And we were really well behaved until we had to clean our sticky-ball-beet-pulp-crusted face.

Better....for the moment at least.

Then we got to dry while playing with a new delicious sticky treat... (thanks Super-Mom)

Our nose looks MASSIVE.  I'm sure the camera is adding about 8-12" of extra face in this one...

Also, if we take pictures like this, our butt looks almost as muscley as our neck.  Neat Trick.  And, I might be mistaken, but if you zoom in you can see some hints of DAPPLES! Cuter, I hope those pop out this summer..

After a lovely dinner of fajitas and other unhealthy items, we returned to the mare to tuck her in for the night.  I thought she was being just lovey-dovey

But I think she was really just trying to get in on the fajita action... (ps- not sure I realized exactly how bright this sweater is... wow).

Finally P decided that her new toy was way more entertaining delicious than any of us standing around in her stall.. 

All tucked in, clean, soft, barefooted and ready for her trip to the vet. 

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