Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last night P and I had the pleasure of her Super-Mom (/Danielle) coming up with her cute fiance for a visit.  Pia was also lucky enough to get not one, but two new treat-ball-things and that bath that she narrowly escaped on Sunday.

Sudsy, soapy, significantly cleaner mare is looking hot to trot for her vet (err I mean spaaaaaah) visit this afternoon.  The farrier finally came and pulled her shoes and trimmed her toes.  they were SO LONG that she's trimmed down to the nail holes which looks like it's offering plenty of opportunity for chips and cracks as they flake a little. Not ideal, but if we have to re-shoe after the vet, no biggie. 

Mostly I was entertained when the groom on duty asked politely for someone else to feed Pia since she's been a scary-mean-nasty-stall-dragon and (apparently) causing problems at feeding time.  Now, I know she's been grumpier than usual, but I haven't seen anything that warrants sliding her feed into like a prison inmate, so I cheerfully grabbed her bucket of mush and went to feed.

If there's one thing I can say, its that this mare has BALLS.  I opened her door to immediately pinned ears, bared teeth and some totally inappropriate half rear bouncy crap.  Oh, mare, wrong move.  Unfortunately for you, your super-mom was watching and immediately horrified with your crappy, bitchy behavior.  It took Danielle approximately 10 seconds to grab a whip swish it at her twice and put P in her place (which happens to be the back corner of her stall, standing quietly, with ears pricked.

Holy hell.  Nice move.  also... extremely good to know.  needless to say, she didn't pull any crap or pin her ears after that.  Alpha mare nothing... she respects that whip (and obviously, Danielle).

We had a fun dinner and there are pictures to post, but for the moment I'm off to the barn to bubble wrap Pia and ship her off to the vet, I mean spaaaah, for the rest of the week.  Her myelogram is scheduled for tomorrow.  I think I'm mentally prepared :)

more later!

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