Monday, October 25, 2010

Glimmer Glimmer!

Saturday, the mare and I had a decent lesson, even though there were hints of dragon-monster-marewolf happenings.  Thankfully, we worked passed it and in the end got some decently balanced transitions out of the deal.  Nothing tragic, nothing brilliant. 

Sunday I decided the mare would get a day off but I'd still go play with her.  I'll never forget years ago when a barnmate was horrified to be almost an hour late for her lesson after chasing her mare wildly all over a (not that large) paddock attempting to catch her.  In her fury she was spitting vinegar, but for the most part just kept saying "I don't know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy she won't come to me at the gate..." 

Uhhhhh, really?

I mean, what happens every time you show up at the barn and snag her from her grass? She gets poked and prodded and forced over jumps, then horrifyingly hosed down with cold water. 

Gee, I think I'd run away too.  From the mare's perspective, you don't throw her hay, you don't toss her grain, you don't pat her on the nose before the lights go out... You just force her from her paddock (and her friends), make her work, then go away again....

When I had my horses at home, it was easier to maintain some of the "carrot lady" status to balance out the "mean crop lady" when we worked for 40 minutes a day. Now that someone else gets to be the bearer of breakfast (...and lunch... and dinner), I have been trying to remind myself to carve out happy horse days where P doesn't have to pin her ears when I go into the tack room...

Sunday was that day.  I was lucky enough to sleep in and laze most of the day away on the couch watching football with the boy, so it seemed only fitting that Miss P got a similar day of love and relaxation.

When I got to the barn I tossed her out in the ring just to let her kicks out and let her stretch her legs without any prodding from me.  But then I noticed how fantastically GORGEOUS her coat is looking and I just had to capture some images of it.

I think this mare is looking pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.  Her weight is looking great, her muscle is developing nicely and her coat is iridescent and glowing (I hadn't even brushed her off yet in the video...)

Happy Mare:
(please ignore clucking and obnoxious noise.. youtube's audio swap appears to not be working..)

Since she stopped so nicely at the end I pulled a still frame as a makeshift Fall Conformation Shot.  Her neck is a bit compressed, but it's better than anything else I have right now, so I'll take it!

Pia has a nice coat to begin with, but I think she is benefiting from her rice bran, massive amounts of vitamin e, and the barn's grain of choice - Envision. She couldn't get more omega oils or coat enhancers unless I decide to start airbrushing her..


  1. She's so pretty! Love the video!! What a nice ring you have too, the barn looks like a really nice place.

  2. ooohhh she is sooo pretty! great video! and I agree with Marissa, your arena looks great!

  3. Just beautiful (can I come borrow your arena?)!

  4. I love when I free lunge Denali and she stays in the same end of the arena that I am in. She does the same thing Pia does. Looks out the window, but still pays attention to me. Cute! She looks awesome!

  5. Wheeeee go mare go!
    And your barn does know that Envision isn't a grain, it's a supplement, right? ;)

  6. Hi Gingham,
    I found your blog via Denali's Mom. It's great to read all about the similarities in our crazy mares. Although I'm still trying to fool myself that it's a baby thing and not a mare thing! Anyway, great blog and I'm looking forward to following along on Pia's adventures.
    Adventures In Colt Starting

  7. Thanks guys! Yes, the ring is a stunner. The owner is absolutely a gem about maintaining it and the footing is sublime (and even forgiving when landing face first..) I heart it. :)

    andrea - yes yes, fat supplement! I have a tendancy to call anything I scoop from a bin "grain" even though P doesn't actually get any grain per se..


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