Friday, January 7, 2011

Short Term Plan (STP)

I'm not sure if anyone else gets overwhelmed with long task lists/huge goals (I'm overwhelmed by many things... an entire house to be cleaned, 40 page papers, weight loss, etc etc).  So it should come as no surprise that this whole What To Do With Pia thing is somewhat, well... overwhelming.

I'm trying to figure out all the possible answers and all the possible outcomes before I feel comfortable moving forward with anything, even though I know that approach is totally unrealistic and unreasonable.  (Though I never promised that I wasn't either of those things...)

I really do appreciate all of your thoughts and comments.  I know that there's no way for you guys to "know" her as well as I do, but fresh ideas, fresh perspective, and even just tangential experiences are all helpful.

So, in an attempt to keep my brain from exploding, here's my (very) Short Term Plan ((v)STP):

Today: Go to barn and put the mare to work. 

I don't really want to ride yet (self indulgent... maybe), but I do want to get to busy and at least have something to work on.  So, on the lunge she goes.  Round and round  aaaand roooouuund and roouuuuunnd she goes.  But its work time.  Super-Mom had a good observation that the games need to stop.  no more tag, no more anything that makes me a herd-mate and not the boss.  Good idea.  I'll listen to that.

Tomorrow: No Mare Time. (I have the Seatttlllle Wedddinggg Show!). 

I'm sorta horrified.  I'm a great party planner, but the idea of thousands of crazed brides in one place clawing at photographers and gowns and whatnot is HORRIFYING.  I'm scared.  a little.  Okay, a lot..  but I've promised myself a croissant on the way to the convention center.  So I'll probably suck it up.

Sunday:  More Lunging Work.  

Then a barn party! Wahoo!  I like wine and cheese with the barn ladies.  Let's face it, I like wine and cheese with almost anything.  Strangers.. the weird smelly guy in IT, raccoons...)  Though I'm not super looking forward to 8 people telling me my mare is crazy (I do acknowledge that there's a chance she is totally bat-nuts).


Monday is too far away to be considered part of the (v)STP.  (v)STP's don't last more than a weekend, max.  So Monday, will be the start of another STP. 

Love it.


  1. STP sounds like a good plan of attack. I've been taking it day to day. LOL.

  2. I agree...great plan of attack. Definitely a good idea to quit playing the games. She has got to respect you ALL the time, and if she can't, well then the fun is taken away lol. Kinda like a child. haha I can't imagine what you are going through. It must be intimidating going back at her when she threw you like that. I watched the video multiple times and really didn't have any words. What do you say to that?! I am so glad you are okay. Pia should be glad she is still alive ;) Good luck at the bride thing. It will be more fun than you are thinking!!!

  3. Sounds like a great plan! And I have to agree - perhaps being seen less as a herd mate will help. I really hope that it does anyway.

  4. Sounds like a good plan. I just watched the video, WOW! I am so impressed with how long you stayed on and that you were actually able to think about dismounting. I would have been off with the first buck. I have a similar issue with my OTTB, only he's a very pathetic bucker, (thankfully).
    I've gotten it mostly under control with the sit back, head up, whack the crap out of him when he tries it method. Now, as I said I've seen your video and I for one could never get up the courage or the coordination to do that with your mare. Her bucks are just too big. I know you had a "cowboy" out before and didn't have the best experience, but what about a different one? My gut reaction, not knowing you or Pia is that she needs to give that routine a try and get in serious trouble and not be the winner.
    I know that I gave myself a lot of excuses for my horse. He must not like the saddle, he must be sore, he must hate dressage, etc, and maybe that's some of it, however the behavior is still unacceptable.
    Good luck with this, it's a tough situation. I think you've been doing a great job though and I'm sure you'll continue to seek out the right answers.

  5. Totally agree with Supermom's advice. I hadn't thought of it, but it makes perfect sense. When I was having a little trouble with my filly as a baby, the new trainer pointed out that she saw me as a playmate, so when I tried to discipline her, she treated me like a herd-mate who was out of line. Once we broke that cycle, things drastically improved. I think short term plans are the right way to go. Don't overwhelm yourself. As for the bride thing... you are a far, far braver woman than I. I'll take a bucking fit from your mare anyday over a convention center full of brides-to-be (present company excluded, of course). I love that you have wine and cheeses with your barn ladies! That sounds like a tradition that I need to start....

  6. Supermom's advice sounds solid. I also like the STP. Mine are usually 30 min. at a time. ;)

  7. Here is a random thought, and we all know that I know nothing... so remember that...

    You wrote that she got upset when you used the whip. That to me doesn't say pain, that says attitude. She didn't like the whip, so she decided to get rid of you. It wasn't out of nowhere, it was when you applied the whip and asked her to move. There might be a reason that she's "sticky" but that's just a thought. When I first used a whip on Denali she would B-O-L-T!! Seriously 0-40 in .2 seconds, but then again she is an OTTB and that's what she did.

    It also might be that she doesn't know what you're asking and is getting frustrated. I've seen perfectly good horses who don't understand what is being asked and get PISSED.

    Again, all of this coming from the girl who is afraid to lead her horse in....

  8. LOL Do what works. I get overwhelmed easily too so I understand your short term plan. :) Lunging, ground work, etc. I think is a great idea for gaining respect and getting your confidence back. I also didn't think about it being a lack of respect thing either because I don't know her and can't see how she reacts to you, but that very well could be a part of the problem, or the whole problem. Maybe once she's reminded that you call the shots she will calm down. Good luck!!

  9. STP's are great for horse and rider. Or lunger as we can succumb to when Ponies are acting up. It makes sense to take it one day at a time and a few steps back to move forward. Good for you.
    Have fun at crazy wedding show! Wedding planning is super fun! I loved every second of it!


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