Tuesday, July 12, 2011

boring, boring, boring, pony!

So.  I've been desperately thinking about what to post about.



Yeah, I got nothing.  The horse is still gone (wah), the house is still waiting for furniture (wah) and my ability to wax poetic on a random equine topic seems to be totally stifled by whatever lack of brain waves seem to have dismantled my cognitive powers. (wah?)

However, UPS did bring me my pretty garage-tack-room hooks, so maybe I'll attempt to bang those together (though at my current level of brain power I should probably not handle tools or any sort, power or not)...

Also, I've decided that Saturday will be another pilgrimage to go see Miss P.  I miss her face, and while I've been getting updates from Mr. Cowboy Man, it's just not the same.

I'll save details for after I confirm them with my own eyeballs, but suffice it to say that it sounds like Pia is continuing her education and relaxation as planned. :)


  1. Good to hear. You know sometimes not having something to post is a good thing... :) I can't wait for Saturday. I love Pia updates. Be careful with the tools, but I would love to see how your mini tack area looks with the new hooks.

  2. You should just take over blogging for me since you have no subject matter at the moment. I have an over abundance but no time to share :( booo! Hope you and Pia are doing well in your separate, but busy lives.

  3. you and I are in similar shoes (although i'm certain your shoes are cuter than mine!). My horse is on summer vacation and I have nothing to write about. I'm jelous you are going to up to see P. I have a few weeks before I get to see my monster

  4. A1D - SO true. At least I'm not updating on weird swelling, or new medications, or that sort of thing. I'll take this cone of silence as a blessing. :)
    R- anytime! I could probably write some good stories about your boy...

    and Goodtime - I HATE being horseless! I'm not sure I could do a big long absence like this again. It gets my brain thinking evil things like buying a house closer to the mare, or getting (gasp) a second beast to keep me occupied. (bad bad!)

  5. Come ride my ponyface!!!

    It's killing me to see her look this good and not be able to do anything about it.

    Hope Pia is happy, healthy, and just a tich less marish than before.


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