Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Total Withdrawal

I think I'm in withdrawal.  It's a perfect fall day in Seattle.  Sunny, 68, the leaves are crisp, it smells like the seasons are changing and I should be filling my backseat with every possible type of clothing to layer for these not too cold, not quite warm evenings at the barn.

But alas, I'm filling my nose with the smells of fall while walking the frenchie... or... talking the garbage cans out....

Ordinary days without time spent over a nice groom and ride at the barn are sorta a let down, but perfectly wonderful days like this one are significantly worse.

The good news is that I get to go see my girl tomorrow and then again next week.  After that it's a quick 4 days before I drive back out to load up and haul down to our fabulous Mountain Trail Adventure.

I'm not totally sold on the Mountain Trail thing, but it sounds fun enough, and frankly I'll take any excuse to go spend 4 days with my horse.  I'm just not that picky at the moment.

I've been trying to console my sad, wallowing, horseless self with the notion that in all reality I've been absolutely slammed with work stuff and house stuff and wedding stuff (oh right... that).  Leaving very (very) few totally free evenings for the barn anyway.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

In the meantime... my boots are packed and I'm ready to drive like a bat out of hell at first light tomorrow.

Here's to some quality mare time....


  1. No horsey to ride during those perfect fall days is the WORST. I do hope you have a fabulous time with The Mare this weekend, and fantastic weather too!

  2. Ugh. I have no idea how you're doing it. Any ideas for how soon you can have her back yet? I know she's making amazing progress and all, but OMG WANT PONY NOW.

    Sometimes gas prices are the only thing keeping me from being at the barn twice a day...

  3. That mountain trail thing looks cool from the video I've seen. Go for it!

    Hope you get to play with your mare soon :)

  4. I understand. Gorgeous fall days suck when you don't have a horse to ride lol. I so can't wait to hear about the mountain trail ride. That sounds so awesome!


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