Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Only In Dreams

Oops! Still have one more day to blog about from our adventure.. uhhhh two weeks ago.. (bad blogger, very bad), but I'm not quite getting there yet.

Instead life has been CRAZY, and by life I mean "work" as that's where I typically carve out my bloggy-bloggy time.

But that's neither here nor there.  This is just a quick post (during a conference call, WHOOPS) to share my oh so amazing dream last night.

Apparently I was playing around on P in the woods.  And she was feeling amazing, so naturally I pointed her at a few logs and branches that were laying around and she hopped over them like a good little bunny.

Then, as we meandered down this perfectly shaded trail of my dreams, the small branches turned into small x-country fences (bounce, bounce) and then those turned into larger x-country fences (bounce, bounce, bounce).

Until finally (as dreams do) we were magically on course going prelim at some unknown to event and I was actively (well.. "dream actively") thinking, "You moron, who takes a horse that's never schooled cross country before PRELIM."

But then I was also thinking, "god my horse is badass, she's never even schooled cross country before and she's GOING PRELIM." (aren't dreams wonderful?)

Anyway, all of this mental discourse is clearly happening as we are galloping our way through the woods and eating up obstacle after obstacle, when after a particularly LARGE log oxer I started to loose my balance and slowly but surely fell off my horse by way of sliding off her butt.  This of course meant that I landed perfectly on my feet and hoisted myself back on before a jump judge noticed and we continued our flawless ride....

I think I woke up about that point since I had to pee, but it was a pretty cool dream.  I mean, I'd prefer it if P would stop sliding me off her back (dream or not), but the whole jumpy-jumpy adventure felt nice.
oooohhh sparkly dream jump....
Back to the conference call..


  1. I dream vividly 95% of the time! it's a burden and a blessing! Your dream sounds awesome! ps. I finished my latest paper cut, so I can do one of Pia whenever you like!

  2. Sparkly dream jump is awesome. :-) I had a dream kind of like that with Izzy before. Amazing.

  3. Wow, that sounds amazing! I'm glad it was great... even if it was only a dream! Maybe a portent of things to come? ;)


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