Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conformation Shot - 2013

While Prair still had her braids in last week, I tried to snap a Conformation shot to compare to April 2012.  I clearly lack Supermom's camera skills as every pic turned out blurry (whoops) but it's good enough to get a sense...


April 2012
No massive changes, but both her belly and back have come up - and her neck has really filled in (especially where it ties into her shoulder)... She looks so much more mature to me! although I do love that dark purpley-black shine from last year... I guess that's what 3 hour/day turnout will get you.

Fun changes!


  1. Gosh she's a gorgeous mare!

  2. Oh what a piece of garbage she is... here, let me take her off your hands for you ;)

  3. Lovely. The first thing I noticed was how much her abs have tightened, then I saw her neck improvements. She's a looker!

  4. It's subtle, but she looks a lot better. Beautiful neck.

  5. Thanks everyone. I'm partial to the lady :)


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