Thursday, July 31, 2014


Prair finally has a date with the anesthesiologist.  Monday morning she'll trek East with D at the wheel (GOD BLESS HER).  he gets checked in and an initial lameness eval Monday afternoon before the big sleepy drugs and MRI on Tuesday morning.

The Boy, baby and I will show up early Tues to be there for the main event, then assuming all goes well, we'll drive home first thing Wednesday and beat most of the heat.

Somewhat anxious about the anesthesia (ugh), and somehow pumping/feeding baby while I pace around the vet hospital all day, but I'm looking forward to the overnight away from home and getting some info on the Big Black Mare and her sad left paw....
Love Her.  Fingers Crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed you get good news.

  2. Hope it goes well. Great pic!

  3. Keeping everything crossed for answers

  4. Hoping all the best for *all* of you, especially one big black mare!

  5. I didnt even know they COULD MRI of luck to all! *fingers crossed*

  6. Fingers crossed for you guys!


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