Friday, November 21, 2014

I Really Do Ride My Horse

It's just sorta boring, and I rarely get picture/video proof... I hate writing boring blog posts without pictures/videos.  I mean, I'll do it, I just don't like to. 

Thankfully I finally got my act together and booked a fun day with Supermom, who not only played with the little Nugget while I rode, but also managed to take some cute videos of me and the mare. (That kind of multitasking is something I could benefit from doing myself a little more often...)
they are seriously too cute

It was a good day complete with Egg Nog Lattes (my first of the season) and a yummy lunch once barn fun was done. 

Prair continues to feel pretty good.  Yesterday she felt a little stiff in her left lead canter, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.  N said she felt great on Wednesday, so I'll see if that stickiness is still there today, or if maybe it was some muscle soreness as her work load ticks up a notch...

Here's a quick clip of the canter.  Somehow through the unintentional magic of iphones, it's in slow mo, which is sorta cool.  I love it for looking at Prair, I could do without the extra time to stare at my left wrist, baby weight or other Eq issues that plague me....

I'm fighting with YouTube a bit, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll get a few more clips posted.  I'm loving how much Prair is really trying to carry herself and how often I can literally loop my inside rein.  She's respecting my outside aids really nicely and overall just being a pleasure to ride. 

It's so nice to be back to WTC on this girl.  I apologize if I sound like a broken record but if I do then it's an accurate portrayal of my brain when I ride - "fun fun fun eeek was that a weird step? fun fun fun WHEEEEEE fun fun hmmm stiff? fun fun fun fun"

Super sophisticated, I know.


  1. Our brains are in the same space. I'm just like WHEEEE! THANK YOUUUU! for pretty much my entire rides these days. So grateful my guy is back at it and feeling good, and so happy for you that your gal is too!

  2. gorgeous as always!

    fell you on the not posting w/o pics deal

  3. yay!! she looks great - and is probably just as excited to get back to the fun stuff as you are :)

  4. That might be the cutest picture ever!

  5. I got so excited with the supermom link. For a second, I thought she got a blog and didn't tell me. :-p

  6. she is so stunning, I still envy her so much!

  7. LOL your thoughts are hilarious. I'm sorry you're anxious about her (I totally understand), but it was funny. :) She looks great! I love the slow motion thing that IPhones can do. My friend has one.

  8. Woop woop - keep on keeping on, you guys look great


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