Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Retired. (or fired, or whatever you want to call it)

Frustrating news, Gus is being retired from his therapeutic riding program.  He's a favorite and lots of kids already love him, but a couple of times he's gotten rather nervous in the main ring when multiple therapy sessions are going on.  Even though he's not spooked or done anything dangerous I understand that the program has to be super conservative in preventing any possible accidents, so since Gus has displayed the same anxiety on a couple of occasions, he's out of a job :(

This is sad for me on a number of levels, but really it was so wonderful having a suitable day job for him, while also being close and available to M2 for regular love and carrots.  It's a scenario that I'm not sure I've ever be able to replicate. 
love this nose.

Knowing that Gus is out of a job in the New Year prompted some serious discussions of What To Do With Gus. 

I adore this horse, and when we took him on I promised him a safe, happy, comfortable home.  I was mentally prepared to put him down if we had to, but I hoped we would be able to rehab him.  I'm thrilled with how well Gus is doing, I'm happy with his soundness, general health and demeanor.  He's worth his weight in gold and the type of horse that would take you 10 years to find if you were looking for it.

But, he's never going to be my show horse, which means he's never going to be boarded with Prairie, and since The Boy and I have yet to find that magical farm, Gus has to be kept at a second facility.  Split horses has worked for me in the past, (at one point Prairie and Pia were 4 hours apart...) but with the kiddo I have even less time than I thought I would (I know, I know... people warned me... I just didn't listen). 

My issue with Gus not having a day job anymore has less to do with the $$ (though that's a consideration), but really my concern is not having enough time to visit him on a regular basis and give him love and care.  I'm not comfortable boarding a horse who I don't see at least twice a week when they aren't in some sort of full time training/care program. 

So, I'm trying to decide what to do with Mr. Man.  Right now the right thing seems to be to look for a care lease or a new home where he will be loved and adored and hopefully continue to get some light work. 

On one hand he's an old, lame horse - and I hear those are hard to give away. 

But on the other he's safe, trustworthy, loves to work and gives you the same ride regardless of whether you're riding him six times a week or once every six months. 

Anyway, we have lots of thinking to do.  If the right home begged for him, I'd let him go in an instant.  Putting him on Dreamhorse is going to be a painful thing so I'm not sure its going to happen tomorrow, but eeesh... I'm not sure what other options are realistic.

big frowny face.

On the upside his nail hole is healing well :)


  1. Poor guy. Oh well, everyone has to retire some day! I'm sure you'll find the perfect situation for him. What about some place like Paradigm Farms?

  2. That sounds like such a hard decision to make. :( take your time, you will figure something out!

  3. Sorry to hear, you are a very thoughtful person though so like with Pia you will be finding him a really great situation.

  4. Why don't you ship him off to Paradigm Farm? He would be so happy living out his fays there and the care is top notch.

  5. Sad panda :-( So sorry the therapeutic program didn't work out, but you're a wonderful, thoughtful horse owner and I know you'll find what's right for the big man

  6. that's tough news about the therapeutic program - those are always such wonderful homes for semi-retirees... good luck coming up with a solution that works for you both!!

  7. That is such devastating news. I am sorry to hear - sounded like the program was a perfect solution for you all. Hope you find something else for him!

  8. Is there a local lesson program that you trust where he could safely tote around w/t kids that would stuff him with treats and love him to pieces?

  9. If I had a place, I'd take him in a heartbeat. The golden oldies are my favorites.

    Maybe cowboy man has another kid who needs college?

  10. Poor guy, but retirement happens to the best of them. I agree with the others who suggested a retirement farm. I am not familiar with Paradigm, but I know there are plenty around that take in retired horses to allow them to live out their days happily on pasture and with love. Some require you to pay a one time fee and sign all rights over and others have you pay a monthly board although it is much less than regular board. There are plenty of options that secure a happy future for him. I know you will find the right one.

  11. I want him! If you are considering rehoming him, I'd love to talk to you about it.

    1. Leave me an email where I can reach you and I'll be in touch!

  12. My email is jessmess0105 at hotmail dot com.

  13. Poor guy :( Hope you find a good home for him!

  14. If I had the money for another horse I would take him in a heartbeat. I hope you find a great home for him.


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