Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eligible Bachelor #1...

I can't emphasize how strange this process is.  There are moments when I'm texting with my trainer, or vet, or whoever that I stand back and think about the chain of communication between me and some, lovely horse somewhere in Germany.  (whaaaaaa???)

If there's one thing I've learned over the years with horses it's that one should trust the experts that you've surrounded yourself with.  You're with them for a reason, and they (likely) know way more and have done everything more times that I can ever hope.

But the other thing I've learned over the year with horse, is that I have to always, (always, always) trust my gut. 

Ideally, these things line up, but sometimes, either because of ignorance (on my part) or opinion - they don't. 

I've had a few instances with this (because I've never shopped for a horse abroad) where what I think the right next step is... isn't necessarily part of the normal etiquette or protocol. 

Since we decided to go to Germany, I've been vibrating at a relatively high stress level.  I think it's more akin to "omgomgomgomg I'm so excited to go to a horse show," than it is to "omgomgomg I've got a huge test coming up and might vomit." 

So it's a good, stress.  but it's stress all the same and I've been trying to minimize it as much as possible.

The first bought of stress came from seeing videos of the most beautiful horse I've ever seen (maybe I had some beer goggles on, but still).  The next wave of stress came from freaking out that someone else would buy him before we get to try him in a month.  Then I got stressed over wanting to get some vetting done so that if something came up, I could forget about (beautiful, beautiful) Brad and move on.  Then I got all stressed out over trying to coordinate vet services with a 9 hour time change and (significant) language barrier.

Essentially, I'm not sure it's normal protocol to initiate PPE procedures without having seen the horse in person/sat on it's back yet... but that's where I had to go with my gut.  My gut said I needed to start getting information on this guy, and give myself as much time to get follow-up information if need be.

Frankly, now I'm glad we did since there are a few question marks that warrant some follow-up and maybe will affect our ultimate decision. 

Finally, since I've officially spent some money evaluating this guy, I wanted to share a sneak peak.  He's lovely.  He's 4, he's been under saddle for a couple of months (significantly greener than we were initially looking for), and he just really caught my eye.  I'm really hoping that after all the evaluations, he's still a strong candidate (subject to us loving him in person).  So cross all your fingers and toes!!!

Waiting for some updates from my vet, but I will keep ya'll posted!


  1. Okay, long-term lurker here but I had to comment on this one!!! He is LOVELY... I'm currently trying to get all the drool off my screen before my phone suffers from water damage. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Omg omg omg. Those knees. He's so cute. My fingers are crossed for you!

  3. Beautiful, what's the breeding?

    1. He's by Casall. Not sure who's on the dam side yet...

  4. Wow! Such a handsome dude :) Fingers crossed on the vetting

  5. Brad is quite the looker! And holy jump! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  6. He is so lovely!! So.. his barn name is going to be Brad... right?

  7. He would fit right in wit your crew!

    But having said that, if it doesn't work out for whatever reason, my often spouse reminds me there is always another horse. There is no shortage of loveable quadripeds. You'll find the right horse and it will click! Good luck!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. He has a damn nice jump on him, I like Brad!!

  10. Hello gorgeous.
    His show name would be Don't Jinx It, yeah?

  11. What a dream boat, keeping everything crossed for a successful vetting & trip to this side of the world.
    Love his lipstick ♡

  12. He is pretty, but he is already jumping under saddle at age four. This doesn't worry you, especially considering the cost of importing a horse?

  13. Wow he is so nice!! And impressive for only a few months under saddle!!!

  14. Not going to be popular but I would pass. Right front and left hind look funny/off. He does not want to track up unless pushed, which is unusual for a young well bred German horse. I also usually find ones that jump like that hurt in the hind end, combined with him not snapping those hind legs up, big red flags. (look how much the rider is thrown out of the tack at the end jump,keep in mind this is a pro German rider, do you want to ride course after course of jumps like that?)


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