Monday, February 22, 2016

Windsor Over Fences

no good excuse or exciting explaination for lack of blogging.  Just.... lack of blogging. :)

Windsor continues to be a saint.  I've dropped one of my lessons so that he can get a few more pro rides, and whadda ya know - all the sudden my rides are better too.  Funny how that whole Pro>ammy thing works out...

But really, If we are 5 weeks from his "hunter debut," he can use the training rides.  Rocking back at the base is still confusing to him, as is giving and lifting his inside shoulder. 

In keeping with my goals for the year - I went down to watch my trainer ride last week and I was surprised how much of a difference I could *see* in Windsor's work.  I've certainly felt it in my own rides, but since we lack regular photo evidence - my mental picture was still what I saw two months ago when I watched him get his first ride in the states.  (#beenawhile).

Basically, there was a boring flat warm up - (by boring I mean productive and steady), followed by jumping a small fence on a circle.  Followed by some course work, and finally putting a couple of the fences up to 3'3"/3'6".

There has been a big emphasis on getting him to open up his step and move up from the corners (and in between lines).  If you recall in Germany one thing we noted was that even though he was jumping beautifully over 3'6"/4' - he was on a TINY stride.  Putting 5 into a line that would walk as 4 in a 2'6" division....  He will move up if you really ask - but right now it isn't his MO. - and we'd like it to be. 

After this ride I did notice that during my own lesson he was moving up a lot easier and even starting to show me the fences a bit (especially as you start to raise them up a bit). 

It really is confusing how much better this horse is over bigger jumps.  He stays balances, perky and forward.  Anything under 3' just isn't very exciting and he just mobs around a tad tuned out.  I don't like the notion that I should skip the small stuff since the big stuff is easier - because I know he needs to learn the discipline over smaller fences, but MAN it is a tad frustrating.

Some clips over fences...

First, work on a circle -

And some finishing course work -

I love how he's working, his butt is under him and that top line is really starting to fill in!

Next we really need to get some flowers so this thing gets used to some fill!


  1. I could watch him jump that square oxer all day.

    1. What she said haha. Wow he is just so pleasant to watch go! Glad to hear he's getting more comfortable on a bigger stride too

    2. Ha, me, three! I don't usually watch much blog video, but this guy and his rockstar forelock? Always yes.

    3. AGREED. He is just the absolute coolest!!

    4. I essentially did watch him jump that oxer all day. On repeat. On my phone. At dinner, on the couch, maybe even in bed... :)

  2. Wow, he's so cute! And steady, and cute. Did I mention how cute?

  3. There is something so methodical and soothing about that first video. He's just so rhythmic and steady, and it looks like nothing phases him. You guys are definitely becoming more of a team, I'm definitely enjoying your journey with Windsor and I'm really excited for your Hunter debut! :)

  4. Girl you ran prelim, survived Pia, and made P2 into a nice horse.

    DO THE 3'.


  5. Wow he is so awesome, you have one amazing horse right there.

  6. Some horses just need a challenge, and good grief he makes that square oxer look so dang easy, I can see why <3ft just doesn't challenge the boy.

  7. He literally just steps over those. What a majestic beast, love him!

  8. I think tuning out over little stuff is pretty common for really athletic horses. I bet even though it seems like he's checked out, he'll still learn what he needs to in order to move up nicely over time. He looks so cute and happy even when he isn't paying much attention. :)

  9. I don't think he could be any cuter.

  10. I really wish sometimes that I had access to an instructor that could do some training rides. Seems like I always gravitate towards instructors that are no longer riding themselves. Oh well.


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