Monday, May 9, 2016

One More Review - Asmar Show Shirt

I realized I cut my previous review post off a tad too early.  Obviously once I bought the coat.... I needed a new shirt to go under it.

Well, I didn't.  But given the aforementioned safety pins "altering" my neck on (every) white shirt - I was open to the idea of a new shirt..

And I found one.

The Noel Asmar Lexington Show Shirt

In fact my Trainer tried it on first (also runs a tad large, I'd order down) and I loved the fit on her so much I shrugged and tried it on myself.

It's... LOVELY.  It has lots of cute details, like elbow patches and whatnot, but what really sold me was the fabric.  The sides are a (very) stretchy and (very) breathable soft, meshy fabric, while the front and back are a stiffer show shirt material.  When it's on it's very comfy and tight without being constricting, but it still offers a very tailored, almost starched look under a coat.  (which I love).

The collar has stout magnets that don't give the impression they'll be flapping open anytime soon, and it has approximately twice the normal number of buttons down the placket, so while it drives you nuts when you put it on, there is zero gaping, which is nice if you uhhhh... have boobs.

I got it with the heathered blue contrast, though the black/gray plaid is gorgeous on.  I'd love to see them release more color options using the same cut and fabrics.

At around $150 it's pricey, and probably not something I would normally purchase, but when you wander around horse show tack stores long enough $150 starts to sound downright reasonable. 

On the horse front, Winds has been a saint.  He's going around beautifully and I'm looking forward to our next show which is right around the corner in two weeks.


  1. The shirt looks nice. I'm a sucker for a elbow patch.

  2. The extra buttons is an awesome touch! I usually just size up a little and cross my fingers that my jacket will hide the worst of the gapping while I'm on the horse.

  3. Really nice! I bought a new show shirt this year too. Sometimes a girl just needs these things.

  4. Haha I went on a show shirt buying binge this winter, but I don't think all of them together totaled $150. Maybe. It sounds lovely. Maybe someday I'll be less of a cheap miser and try it.

  5. Very pretty - love the idea of extra buttons too for, ahem, reasons. Lol


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