Friday, January 13, 2017

Man I'm bad at this

I don't know where my blogging voice has gone, but it has vanished.  I feel a little like Ariel when she trades in her oh-so-lovely singing voice for somewhat useless getaway-sticks so she can be on land.

(it's possible my kid is watching a lot of Little Mermaid these days.  like.  A lot.)

Anyway, It's not for lack of fodder.  I have a relatively entertaining call with the pet psychic to report on (spoiler alert, Winds was THRILLED he made the Christmas card, and the cat was pissed I moved his chair for the Christmas tree...) and some really fabulous year end awards that I'm proud of (including a Horse of the Year award).

And we even have soundness drama as we are chasing a very subtle, very sneaky ghost in pursuit of physical perfection.

But I just can't seem to sit down and get the stories all the way out. 

For that - I apologize.  I'm really hoping that 2017 sees the rebirth of my snark and ability to find 5-8 paragraphs on any given ride or piece of equipment.

At the very least, I hope I don't get worse - because that would be sad for me.  I relish looking back at old blog posts, and 2016 marked a low spot for my own personal record keeping.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope we have some fun adventures to report on for 2017.  Happy New Year!!


  1. Sounds like you've loads on your plate as always.
    Congrats on fab and we'll deserved awards, I hope lameness niggles will be non-issue asap & I'm looking forward to revisiting the pet psychic. Those reading type things intrigue me

  2. We definitely need to hear more on the pet psychic!

  3. I hope your blogging voice comes back more too! You were one of the first blogs I started following (sorry, I was a mostly a silent lurker) and I've really enjoyed reading all of your stories from Pia up to Windsor. I look forward to seeing more posts in the future :-)

  4. I think you've still got your snark with "getaway sticks" and talking about a pissed off Grinch of a cat. I snorted almost all of my coffee out just reading those few lines.

    Glad all is well with you and yours. Your satin haul is to die for.

  5. I never thought I would see something more beautiful than Windsor on this blog... until those year end awards!! Congrats!

  6. So good to hear from you, long time lurker, but I was so concerned with the trailer accident headed to Thermal coming from Seattle. I am so glad this post was positive as I have been thinking of you guys.

  7. I was also thinking of you after hearing about that trailer incident on the way to Thermal. Your header shot is breathtaking, and that loot ain't bad either lol.

  8. Damn those are some pretty ribbons! And definitely want to hear about the pet psychic :D

  9. Congrats on the swag and ain't nothing wrong with Ariel. Though Ursula is the bomb IMO.

  10. i wanna know more about the pet physcic!

    As a sidenote, I just wanted to let you know I have changed my blog name, so it may not show up in your reader list anymore. The new url is www dot twoandahalfhorses dot blogspot dot com. You may have to re-enter it into your reader list to follow again.


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